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31-08-11, 21:03
Hi all
My partner and I have recently developed an iPhone app to help with panic and anxiety. I am a sufferer myself, though my last panic attack was about 2 years ago. My eldest daughter suffers from them now. That's how we came to develop the app; texting her when she was feeling anxious. My partner is a mental health nurse who has been helping people with this awful condition for more than 23 years. So between us we came up with something we think will help if you have an attack whilst out. It's not meant to be a cure all, just a self help tool to cope with them there and then. It's called 'Beat Panic' and it can be found through the app store if you search that name. It's only 69p. There are other more expensive ones so make sure you put in Beat Panic and not just Panic.

Here's the link if that helps: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/beat-panic/id452656397?mt=8

Please let me know what you think.

Jane Anderson-Hawkes

31-08-11, 21:06
Hi Janna58

We just wanted to welcome you aboard to NMP. We hope you enjoy your stay here and get all the support and advice you need.

Please take some time to read the website articles on the left as well for loads of advice and tips.

31-08-11, 21:59
Hi and welcome. Is this available for android phones or only for the iphone? Its something I would find very useful but I dont have an iphone.

31-08-11, 22:56
Hi Lori

My partner and I want to develop it for androids and will do as soon as we have made the money back on this one. We spent our own money doing this and can't afford to do more until we get that back.

It doesn't work on different phones until it's written in a different code and that costs the same amount as it cost to do it for iPhones. I'm not an expert, we got a company to do this for us, we just told them what we wanted.

We are pleased that it's helping some people so far and we hope we can extend it later. Thanks for your interest and I'll be sure to post on here if we can make it for androids.

01-09-11, 14:44
Hello Jane,

This is such a good idea! Just downloaded it. I really needed something for when I'm panicking on a train full of people or something and I can't just run around like a headless chicken - this is discreet but feels like someone talking you through it! I haven't used it in a panic attack yet obviously but watching it run through made me smile because it's exactly the kind of thing you need to think when in a panic.

Thank you, great idea :-)

02-09-11, 00:18
Hiya and welcome to NMP I hope you find the help and advice here and maybe make a few friends in the process


06-09-11, 11:37
Hi Blondinu, thanks for your response. I'm so pleased you like it. Having suffered for many years it's great to be able to help others.