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11-07-09, 14:46
Sorry to all you fellas out there, but ive got a girlie question to ask - does anyone find their anxiety and depression gets bad again about a week before their periods - ive kept a diary last couple of months and to the day it seems to get worse?? any comments :shrug:

11-07-09, 17:09
Yes much, much worse for me too.

I'm a nervous wreck and i really can't seem to manage daily life during this time, it really is that bad. I hate it so much, it seems the older i'm getting the worse it gets too.

I'm 33 and i've had enough of it. I'm currently trying to sort things out with doc regarding a Endometrial Ablation, I wonder if this will take the PMS away though because that's the worst part of it.

12-07-09, 18:05
I too have started a diary and noticed that it begins about 10 days before and peaks just before I start to bleed, have to agreed with Katie it seems to be getting worse as I am getting older I am 42. Also notice that I am very prone to the physical signs of anxiety around this tiime too, I also seem to be on a very short fuse and can get quite weepy.

The joys of being a woman I suppose


12-07-09, 21:40
absolutely yes!!

Ive noticed it about ten days before too with the couple of days before i start the worst.
I'm 33 and its getting worse with age.

Get lots of physical symptoms plus emotional and anxiety hits top end.

hate it as it feels like i just finish my period then have a week where i am ok ish then bang...

hey ho

choco xx

13-07-09, 23:27
yep i have really bad anxiety the week before plus really bad pmt! x

13-07-09, 23:51
Yes loads and loads of posts about it on here so have a search

14-07-09, 07:32
thanks for all your replies, period due anytime and waking up feeling like im shaking inside. does anyone actually feel like they are getting all their anxiety and depression problems back or do you just get grumpy, feel better as day goes on but really breaking out into panicky hot sweats in morning etc, i feel like im going mad, have to sit in the garden and try to calm down before i take kids to school, such a big struggle when you have to act normal in front of kids when inside you feel like you are cracking up!

15-07-09, 10:35
I suffer from this too, its awful, even though the Citalopram helps me a lot, this last month was awful, I felt really anxious and jittery, nervous and just generally worried and on edge for over a week.
My HA increases and I worry about everything and just feel a nervous wreck. It does pass slowly but its a horrible feeling of just worrying and wanting to cry, I know its not nice for men on the receiving end but its much worse for us ladies having to feel and go thru all these emotions, my doc said it can get worse with age. I am the dreaded 40 next year and am really not looking forward to it all...

15-07-09, 11:13
I act like a bipolar banshee when I'm near my period.

15-07-09, 13:23
Shrimp, I am 29 and my anxiety is like 100 times worse about a week before I am due. Like everyone has said it seems to be getting worse as I get older. As far as the shakes, I get those as well seems to only be at night either right before I fall asleep or right when my alarm is about to go off.

15-07-09, 13:27
hi everyone
i am the same but mine was at the end of my period and up until mid cycle, this month though ive been bad the whole month
for the past week ive had bad hot flushes, very anxious as in taking deep breathes sighing, and crying , due on in a few days, im 42 but feel like 82.

15-07-09, 23:18
my anxiety is sooooo much worse about 2 days beforehand. It's been worse than usual recently. I think this is definitely common

16-07-09, 08:07
Hi everyone, hope you are all feeling good today - my period has just about started and i have to say yesterday and today im feeling much better - i really cant believe the connection and how awful ive felt again - going to docs today for repeat prescription and am going to mention it and see if there are any blood tests etc to check oestrogen levels etc - im 47 so its likely - although periods regular - if you understand why you are feeling bad again it makes it slight more bearable, especially if you know it will pass in a few days (although it doesnt feel like it at the time does it !!) - im gonna keep my diary right up to date and see what happens next ! - have a great day shrimp

beverley gango
05-08-09, 00:44
hiya hun ,defo i have bin like that for years my anxiety increases b4 and after a period then settles down for a week or two then it starts all over again .... i dread it xxxxx:)

18-09-09, 16:40
hi,im new to this but how pleased to have found others that feel as i do,thought i was goin mad...i have severe pmt for about 16yrs now & im 40 now & has got worse...ive been prescribed so much medication,from hormone injections to anti-depressants....hormone injections were great but could only have a few cause they make ur bones brittle whatever was in them.....
done the prozac thing which spaced me out,the last i was put on was seroxat,never ever again,i put on 2 stone in 6mths & every time i had a drink i turned into a raging loonatic & in the morning didnt have a clue why my husband wasnt talking to me...weaned myself off them which was horendous...now ive started to get really bad again 2weeks b4 my period,crying,anxiaety,depressed,h8ing every1 & everythink,gettin worse,worried what im guna do next,eiuther kill myself or my kids & husband,really h8 mtself.....went docs yesterday to meet an unsympathetic doctor who told me i was running out of options & prescribed me "amitriptyline",having now just read up on it i dnt think il be taking it,dnt need help sleepin,cause thats what most people r taking it for...i just want answers & help to stop feeling this terrible every month.......so does every1 who lives with me...lol
thanks for listenin...

beverley gango
10-10-09, 22:36
hi hun u sound just like me i get very bad tempered and weepy its awfull ,i dread it coming around ,xx

beverley gango
10-10-09, 22:40
thanx for all ur replies its nice to know im not the only 1 ,its not nice at all ,what we women have to go thru ,i wish u all the best and a happy future xx

11-10-09, 08:14
I have the same problem, bad pmt and anxiety before my period, that is wy ive had to go back on medication anti depressants, i have also got a bit of post natal depression and ive found that since having my baby my pmt has got a lot worse and thats where the anxiety started coming back again. Ive just started prozac in my pmt week and it has helped a great deal already, i will keep you updated as the weeks go on xx

11-10-09, 12:29
Yes for sure! And i agree it gets worse with age! I was only thinking about this yesterday so interesting to see others saying it! I'm 32 and the anx is terrible bout 10 days before, i also struggle with eptopics at this time which only adds to the stress! I find it hard to understand why all of a sudden it's gotten this bad? Before this year i had PMS at a normal level??

12-10-09, 10:53
yes i do and also around the time i am ovualting too sometimes..Some months are worse than other, last month i was fine this month not so good i wake up on a morning and feel nervous and shakey and i also get more palpitations around this time too...glad it's not just me x x

Purple Fish
12-10-09, 16:27

Yep I can relate to all this. My PMS has got worse as I`ve got older! I`m now 36. I thought I was going mad. Went to my GP a couple of years ago with symptoms of tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, light headedness, depression and he put me on Norethisterone which is like a mini-pill.
I stopped taking it as I felt it wasn`t working. I`m much better than I was but but I SO know when my period is due!!

Tanya xx

12-10-09, 16:45
Hi LadyLou


I have suffered for years with PNDD - the severe form of PMT. I have found that taking citalopram has really helped.
I have got worse with symptoms as I get older and was told that the reason for this is that PMT or PNDD gets worse as we head up to the menopause years.
I am sending you this link. Take a lot at the site. It really has helped me.
pm me if you wish to.

12-10-09, 21:37
Yes, can definitely identify with you all, half way through my cycle can feel depressed, 2-3 days before my period and then the last day or 2 can feel low too. Its a constant viscious circle with only 10-14 days of so called normality oh who wants to be a women. On a lighter note at least we dont have dangly bits!

14-10-09, 02:47
on my period right now, my anxiety has hit the roof, i'm jumpy and nervous.
also i get tummy pains but i get pains in my lower back and all down my legs too!
its hard to be in a good mood when you feel so bad!

14-10-09, 09:26
:shrug: I'm different - I suffer with depression and although I have the usual touchiness before my period, for about 2-3 days after my period I feel so depressed and desperate that I'm almost suicidal. I have mentally left my husband and family so many times after a period - it's very lowering but I do now see the pattern and I am more prepared for it. Just had this experience and my new friends here on NMP were great they kept me going. Good luck to you all :flowers:

15-10-09, 18:50
omg!! am i glad i found you lot, not glad that you all suffer this madness too tho. I get this anxiety pms thing too, its really quite scary as its only been happening for a few months, actually since i got swine flu, that could be just coincidence. About 3 days before my period and the first full day of my period i feel like im going mad, anxious, shaky i cant sleep, get really hot, wake up in a panic. the whole thing is awful and Im sure I make my self worse by worrying but I cant help it. I cant relax, cant concentrate, lose my appetite, get a stuffy head, bad sinuses. Like some of you I also suffer like this during ovulation too.
I have come across a herbal tea called doctor stuarts tranquility, i have only just tried it today, iv had 2 cups, first full day of period and i do feel calmer and more relaxed at the moment considering I woke up at 6am and had an enormous panick, totally irrational but frightening all the same. I also had a massive cry earlier, i totally went for it and let it all out and felt amazing afterwards, following my cry i had half a bar of chocolate.. so either the tea, the chocolate or the cry sorted me out .. please post your tips for combatting this horrible thing, .. heres to feeling a hell of a lot better next month:yahoo:

15-10-09, 18:56
hey there, keep ya chin up. hope ya feeling betta soon:)

15-10-09, 22:18
Hi folks, as I lie here in my bed, my period is due in about five days and Im feeling so rough, my palpitations/ectopics have always been worse before my period and I also get weepy and moan constantly!!! however tonight I have a sore throat, tired and the head is pounding.......Im 44 and my hormones have got worse as I have got older aagghhhh x