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04-05-10, 23:45
Ok this is a long shot but has anyone had a wart removed from the roof of their mouth. I know it is fine and has been diagnosed as a benign keratosis but I had it removed cos it was annoying me as it was a lump and I kept playing with it with my tongue.

It was very painful for nearly 2 weeks after removal as I had a hole where they cut it out and it was hard to eat.

Now it has healed over and has a bigger lump than the wart was and is driving me mad cos I am still playing with it. I can't see it but Alex says it looks fine and no infection but there is definitely a lump there so I was wondering if anyone else had a wart removed from this area and it went down over time cos I only had the wart removed cos it annoyed me and this is annoying me just as much.

It doesn't hurt to press on it but is just like a hard lump where it has healed.

I know I can go and see doc but at the moment I seem to be back and forth there all the time for my ongoing Crohn's check ups and don't like to waste their time if someone else can just say "yes I had one and it went down in time".

Thanks in advance and I appreciate that it is quite rare and no-one on here may have had one removed.

Going home
05-05-10, 00:45
Ive no experience of this myself nic, but it sounds like the lump could be just healing tissue from the wart removal, and is normal when cutting into the skin and would make the surrounding tissue a bit sensitive, and if it is this it will get smaller as the tissue heals. Inside the mouth isnt the best place for quick healing really because its never dry but I guess this temporary lump of healing tissue is better than having an unpredictable wart in your mouth :) What next for you girl? I take my hat off to you with all you've been through.

Anna xxx

06-05-10, 00:19
Thanks Anna for the reply.

I am sure it is the healing process hence the lump.

I have 3 warts on my fingers and undergoing treatment with docs with the freezing process but he said my immune system is not fighting them very well at the moment so they are very hard to get rid of.

I am seeing him again next week for more pain when he freezes them so may ask him to look at the one in my mouth and just reassure me.

I appreciate the reply.

Going home
06-05-10, 01:02
Warts are notorious for latching onto a weak imune system...why is yours so low? are you getting enough vits and mins etc? I read up on what youve been through and hope you're taking care as much as you can do...cream cakes only once a week and all of that :noangel:

Warts can present in anyone at any time regardless of lifestyle, ive had one one my thumb for so many years that i think i'd miss it if wasn't there! but as your doc says its a bit hit and miss with how long they stick around. I hope you get this sorted out as you're obviously worried, but try not to worry too much.

Anna xxx

07-05-10, 19:27
My immune system is weak cos of the medication I am on for the Crohn's. It is actually used to treat leukemia so it can reduce the immune system to stop my body fighting itself so much.

The warts are being stubborn little things and I go back in another week for the 4th treatment on them and one is refusing to move lol.

Hopefully in time they will die and leave me alone