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10-01-11, 20:47
Hey guys,

I've FINALLY plucked up the courage to make an appointment for the hairdressers for tomorrow to get my hair dyed. I've been dying my hair blonde since 2004 [both at home & at the salon] & before my anxiety started it was never a problem, but now I'm always terrified of having a reaction. It's not been done since August, so has you can imagine, my roots are criminal. :/
My appearance is the one thing I take pride in & my hair especially so it's been making me feel down seeing my hair in abit of a state & it always makes me feel better once I've braved it.
But I'm really worried about tomorrow, feel sick, can't eat, palpitations & I feel like cancelling it in the morning even though I know that will make me feel worse.
They haven't done a patch test but they never do & I never do at home, I know that's bad but it takes me enough to do the actual dying without delaying it for 48 hours & the hairdresser just asked if I'd had any reaction before, which I haven't, only a bit of itching...nothing major...

Plus, I'm due on my period this week & I've heard that you can be more sensitive at this time & more prone to reactions, is that true?

You just see so many horror stories about it & it's put me off completely :(
What do you think I should do?

10-01-11, 21:12
Go. The 'lift' you'll get from looking great will do so much for your anxiety. I really wouldn't worry, reactions are so, so rare (the media just loves a good 'womans vanity leads to dire consequences' story, they always have. They'll publicise the rare cases it happens and ignore the millions of stories were nothing happened) and anyway hairdressers are trained to look out for the first signs and will know exactly what to do in the very, very, very rare case of anything happening.

I've been dying my hair for years, never do a patch test and I've been fine, in fact I've never known anyone do a patch test.

Go and look beautiful.

11-01-11, 09:21
Sal!!!!!!!! Let us know how lovely and blonde your hair is looking now!! Good luck, but you won't need it, you will brave and it feel fabulous!! x

rachael t
11-01-11, 19:22
hi im sure you will be fine im a hairdresser and if we doing a colour thats touching scalp they should always do a skin test but then again never seen anyone with a serious reaction gud luk

12-01-11, 14:55
Well, I'm sad to say that I cancelled the appointment & have felt very ashamed & angry at myself for doing so... :( But I WILL re-arrange it, once this month's period is over so I can put all the 'sensitive at certain times of the month' thing to rest...

I'm very sad about it though...my hair is looking terrible, I just wish I was braver :(

12-01-11, 15:32
I do know how you feel as i have had to cancel many things due to anxiety and illness , but on this hairdressing issue i would just like to give some words of advice, If you have an allergy to a product or food or chemical or anything else you will be allergic to it whether you have your period or not, however many people suffer more with anxiety before their periods, so maybe this is why you are feeling more worried at this time.
Also, i trained as a hairdresser, and if it is hi-lites you are having done with foils then the product will not even touch your scalp, so the likely hood of you reacting is virtually zero, if you are having a tint applied which will touch your scalp you can ask the hairdresser to skin test you, but if you have dyed your hair many times before it is unlikely that you will react, but this may help put your mind at ease.
Katie x

12-01-11, 16:27
Hi there .... I had a panic attack last time I was at the hairdressers. I always have highlights, through a cap (old fashioned now I think). The girl then washes off the dye (cap still on), then conditions before taking the cap off. This time she took the cap off first. OMG did I go into a panic, big time!!!! The dye would be on my scalp and I would react .... blah, blah, blar!!! Anyway, I told my hairdresser that I was having a PA and why and he completely reassured me. Like Katie said (above), if you have foils it won't touch your scalp .... maybe you could start with this. Actually, if we thought about it, what are the chances of a reaction anyway? How many women (and men) dye their hair in this world? Why do people like us always think it will be us that reacts? That's anxiety for you!!!! Most importantly, do not beat yourself up about not going. It just adds to the anxiety. Take care x

12-01-11, 17:05
Thanks so much for that, it's made me feel better about cancelling it.
I was telling myself before that I've dyed my hair since 2004 with no problems, why am I still stressing about it!?! lol. I just can't help it, it's like I know it's unrational worrying but I do it anyway...

But as I said, I AM going to rearrange the appointment & maybe have highlights instead whilst I seem to be worrying more than normal lately...

Thanks again as I've really been feeling bad about it... :hugs:

12-01-11, 18:44
Don't feel bad about cancelling it. Small steps, and all that. Good luck with your next appointment.

Fly away Katie
12-01-11, 21:49
Good luck with your next appointment.
I'm kind of glad someone else has the being allergic to hair dye thing.
I've also dyed my hair blonde... and actually a lot of other colours LOL
But every time I do, im terrified of a reaction
But let me tell you, if you have had BLEACH which is the strongest hair dye available. You will not be allergic to anything else!
Good luck and bare this in mind.
katie x x x

18-01-11, 17:48
Well, I didn't re-arrange the appointment but my sister is coming round tomorrow to do it for me with one of those nice 'n' easy hair dyes, I have used them loads of times in the past & thought I might feel more at ease in my own home.
I know there's probably more of a risk of reaction with a store bought dye but I can't face the hairdressers at the moment :/ Wish me luck! x

18-01-11, 18:10
Hope it looks good when its done :D

18-01-11, 18:47
Thank you Emma :)
I know I'm going to be worrying all night now but I'm sure it'll be worth it x

Sammy J
18-01-11, 19:03
Can I just say, I have got an allergy to hair dye..developed it through having a henna tattoo years ago. You do have to be very careful and have a patch test of the dye they will use but these days it's rarely a problem.

I can only have mine lightened with peroxide now so have it streaked with foils so it's still not near the scalp. Strangely enough it never sets off my anxiety (going to the salon).


18-01-11, 20:40
I don't think I'll be able to do a patch test because tomorrow is the only day my sister can come round & help me & if I put it off any longer, it definately won't get done.
I'm really nervous already...beginning to wonder if it's worth it :(

19-01-11, 13:06
Well, I've finally braved it. Just been done now, all washed off & ready to dry my hair. I was sooooooo panicky, it started to itch abit & I was really on the verge of a huge panic attack but my sister stayed with me, gave me a sweet & a glass of water...lol. The itching subsided after awhile & everything seems ok now, but I know I'm going to be worrying myself sick for the next 48 hours at least incase something happens :( But I guess I've got the worst part over with...

19-01-11, 13:15
Sal, hair dye always tickly itches me a bit and that's it.. please stop worrying now, as if you were going to have a severe reaction, it would happen within 5-10 minutes - i have been told that by an allergist!

Enjoy your new blonde locks, well done!!

19-01-11, 14:40
Thanks so much allergyphobia! I didn't know that about the severe reactions because I've heard stuff where people have had reactions days later... it's put my mind at rest. It really was fine when it was on apart from the itching... but I guess with peroxide it's natural. lol.

I am looking out for any redness or itching or burning still but I'm just trying to keep occupied.

I gotta admit that my hair looks fantastic now, my sister did a great job & I feel so much better :D No black roots & faded orangey hair...Glad I finally braved it... :D

19-01-11, 14:44
i know, i've heard all those scare stories too. but she told me this story about people with severe nut allergies who go to chinese and indian restaurants and to check for cross contamination of nuts, they rub a tiny amount on their lip and wait 3/4 minutes for a reaction - it would come on THAT suddenly. so take that as comfort, i certainly have!

my hair usually feels a little itchy til a couple of watches - so try not to happen if that happens :)

well done sal for being so brave, x

19-01-11, 15:16
Thanks so much hunni :hugs:

I need to stop reading horror stories all the time lol. :/
My scalp feels a little tight but it always does after I dye it, so I'm just constantly talking to myself in my head...haha! & Plenty of water for my dry mouth...I got so anxious I feel a little ill now...I wish I didn't so worked up about it...

Thanks again hun & everyone for their support, don't know what I'd done without this place sometimes....

Sammy J
19-01-11, 16:03
Well done!

As I have this allergy, whenever I do a patch test on my arm the itching and swelling comes up within an hour... you'll be perfectly ok honey :)

Sam x

19-01-11, 22:00
Thanks so much guys.
I feel bad because even after all the wonderful advice & reassurance I've had, I'm still worrying about it. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night with a reaction because my head is still abit itchy. :(
Why can't I just forget about it & relax!? :(

19-01-11, 22:17
I think you are really brave going through with having it done.
I have been dyeing my hair blond since I was 13 I am 48 now

Just over a year ago I started to panic cause I kept hearing horror stories about people having reactions.
Not sure if what happened to me is anxiety or really happened but started to get headaches when I dyed my hair.
Then a bit latter the last 4 times I dyed hair all my body started to itch
Not my head but my arms a bit of face my legs and feet for about 2 days after doing hair this went on.
I have not dyed my hair for over a year now and am in tears over it.
I have quite long hair and have now got hardly any blond left only at the ends.
Every time I see my mates they say is it you wow isent your hair dark.
I hate it have never been dark in my life.
I have brought a few blond wigs but they are so uncomfortable and not really for every day wear and if I ever do meet a man what would he think of me in a wig.
My face book photos I have our all me in a wig.
I can not have hair extensions in blond as this would not work. I have tried everything I can think of to be blond with out hair dyeing.
I have talked to doctors and researched some henna seems quite safe but can not go light with this.
Have brought a really nice pony tail today in a brown shade its nice but really do want to be blond again.

20-01-11, 09:09
Sal! Don't feel silly for still being worried. I'm the daftest brush in the box about reactions - I'm scared to eat food I've eaten all my life!! Where is the sense in that!?

Remember though, I don't have any allergy to hair dye, maybe just a bit sensitive, and until I have given my hair a good couple of washes afterwards it feels a bit itchy... so what you are experiencing is completely normal :)

hope you feel better today hun x x

20-01-11, 10:45
Hi sal
I can understand your fear completely, I also get very nervous as I have sensitive skin and it took me years before I was brave enough for permanent colour. But I will try to reassure you.

I've trained as a hairdresser and it taught me so much about hair and dying. Hairdressers should do patch tests and don't be afraid to ask for one, it needs to be done at least 48 hours before your colour treatment.

It's usually the para dyes found only in permanent colour that cause the allergic reaction not the hydrogen peroxide.

It is quite normal for your scalp to itch a little after a colour treatment especially if you have a sensitive scalp, this is not an allergic reaction and should stop soon after the treatment.

If at all worried you could try and off the scalp treatment such as foils.

Don't be afraid to discuss your concerns with your hairdresser and they will do their best to allay any fears or concerns you may have, if they don't go to a different salon!

I know a lot of this has already been said I just wanted to try and reassure a fellow worrier :hugs:
take care

20-01-11, 10:48
Great advice Delta

20-01-11, 17:44
Thanks once again for all the advice hunni's <3
I'm feeling better about it today, my anxiety always get's worse on an evening so that's probably why I was panicking about it again lastnight. I keep feeling like my scalp is hot or itchy but part of it is probably just me imagining it. I say this because sometimes, before I dyed it, when I thought about dying it & worried about it, my scalp got tight & itchy! Amazingly enough, asif I was bringing the symptoms on myself....

As I say, I'm still abit worried & my scalp feels hot but it'll be 48 hours since I dyed it tomorrow afternoon & I'll probably calm down abit then...probably...lol

14-05-12, 15:13
Hi Guys,

I know I am a little late to this email thread but I have been searching the internet for information about allergic reactions to hair dye. I have never had an allergic reaction to dying my hair and I have been getting it highlighted for years but recently I have become very anxious about all sorts of things. I used to get my eyebrows dyed and had very little problem (other than a little itchy immediately after) but I have now convinced myself that I am allergic to it. I have still managed to get my hair highlighted but all of a sudden I have become terrified and have convinced myself I am going to have a severe reaction to it. I have booked an appointment at the hairdressers for 2 weeks time and I plan to go in tomorrow to get a patch test, but I am still terrified, even if the patch test is fine I am convinced I will still get a reaction. The worst bit is I know that even if I don't get a reaction I will convince myself that I have got an itchy head or something. For the last two weeks I have been worrying about this and I end up itching my head just thinking about it. I don't know what to do, I'm not sure dying my hair is worth it, but also I am annoyed with myself because my anxiety is now getting in the way of me being happy, I take pride in my appearance and at the moment I can't bare to look in the mirror. It is so nice to hear that other people have experienced the same thing.

x x x