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Old 25-07-13, 20:40
Amandala Amandala is offline
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Question can this be withdrawal?

Hi everyone,
I've been on 40mg of prozac for a little over a year now- started to feel a blip coming on so my doc increased me to 60mg. I took that for a little over a month and realized it wasn't helping much so we went back down to 40 two weeks ago. Now I am getting these weird zappy tingling feelings in my hands that is pretty annoying and making me way anxious that I have MS or nueropathy... My sister who is an RN says its likely withdrawal symptoms from the dose reduction but I just don't feel like I was on 60 long enough for that to be? I see the doc Monday but my anxiety is going through the roof over this.. any thoughts?
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Old 25-07-13, 21:56
aggiecuttler's Avatar
aggiecuttler aggiecuttler is offline
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Re: can this be withdrawal?

i got zapps on increasing fluoxtine from 20 to 40 so i expect it is the dose change just hang in there and it will settle down soon blessings
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Old 26-07-13, 11:21
MastiffMan MastiffMan is offline
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Re: can this be withdrawal?

I get those occasionally. I happen to believe they are related to Fluox. First time it happened I thought I was having a stroke. Now it comes and goes. The more I relax the quicker it passes.
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