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Old 01-12-13, 18:59
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Heart flutters - propranolol

Hi I've been getting constant fluttery palpitations throughout the day for past 6 months I've had all tests and my heart is fine? But I can't get rid of these flutters

I went back to doc as it's really annoying me now and he gave me propranolol to take, I've never took this before and I read side effects and it says it can slow your heart right down and I'm sooo paranoid to take them!

Anyone else take these tablets or have found a solution to their palps! It's getting me down
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Old 01-12-13, 19:21
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Re: Heart flutters - propranolol


This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your post was moved from its original place to a sub-forum that is more relevant to your problem.

This is nothing personal - it just enables us to keep posts about the same problems in the relevant forums so other members with any experience with the issues can find them more easily.

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Old 04-12-13, 17:22
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Re: Heart flutters - propranolol

Hi, I know how you feel, palpitations are horrible.

Don't worry about the propranolol it's really very safe and has been given to you because It can help reduce palpitations.

The best things you can do are:

1) Try to relax as much as possible and avoid being too stressed or anxious as this is the reason they happen. You'll find if you can just reduce your general stress levels then palpitations should become less frequent.

2) Accept them as they happen - I know that's very hard to do but try not to work yourself up over them, do your best to ignore them for the simple reason that getting stressed over them leads to a cycle where you get more.

3) Avoid caffeine in coffees and even coke etc. as they speed your heart up and tend to make palpitations more frequent.
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Old 16-02-14, 20:19
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Re: Heart flutters - propranolol

Have not been on here for a few months, thanks for replys. Still getting ectopics and still have not took propranolol, I'm trying to ignore them but they are still freaking me out and not going away I've been back to doc a few times who says I'm being too aware but it's not my imagination it's sooo frustrating I wish it would stop
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flutters, heart, propranolol

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