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Old 01-10-08, 14:23
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Re: Utterly dreadful morning

Hey Mudskipper,

I have had all the symptoms you seem to be having, nausea, discomfort, bloating etc. Worse in the mornings, close to normal in the evenings.

I was worried about what was wrong. Couldn't hold food down for months, felt sick the whole time, lost 3.5 stone over 5ish months. Turned out I had a moderate case of gastritis, no H-Pylori though. Funny thing is since I started on citalopram and settled down on them I still have the gastritis but as my general anxiety level has dropped so have the gastric symptoms. To the point where I don't really have any now unless I get really stressed.

Seems the stomach wasn't really the problem, it was anxiety all along. Perhaps if you find that when you are occupied it doesn't bother you it is the same with you?
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Old 01-10-08, 15:07
Mudskipper Mudskipper is offline
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Re: Utterly dreadful morning

Well that's what I'm thinking, or that the initial injury was real enough but the effects made far worse by a sudden bad attack of anxiety. I started back on prozac a couple of weeks back too, so hopefully when that kicks in again properly, rather than increasing my anxiety as it probably is at the moment, I might begin to feel a bit normal again, whatever normal is
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Old 01-10-08, 15:17
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Re: Utterly dreadful morning

hi mudskipper,

I can totally relate to what u r saying.

I had really bad acid refulx/ indigestion/ "bowel" probs and in feb this year did a test for Hellibactor Pylori - came back negative - i was on omerprerazole, lanzaprole, (another one begining with r) - copious amounts of gaviscon and still it didnt shift.

I would explain it now as a "dough" like pain in the bottom of my stomach- so i went on and on at the doc and convinced i had something serious that i was sent for an endoscopy and colonscopy- both results came back negative-

I have been diagnosed with ibs or nervous stomach- i found the biggest thing to help me was my diet- i completely cjhangefd it and can honeslty say it has made a big big difference- i still get the symptoms when i get anxious but now i have accepted that thats what it is i can control it (most of the time )

take care

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
Robert Collier

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
- Lao Tse
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Old 01-10-08, 15:42
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Re: Utterly dreadful morning

HEY HUN!! good for you for getting up and going to work despite feeling dreadfull..im sure its all down to the lovely anxiety.... here to talk if u need to hun...good luck..xxx
Things can only get better
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Old 02-10-08, 10:27
Mudskipper Mudskipper is offline
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Re: Utterly dreadful morning

Hi Robert
Must admit it's a complex area, the digestion. Like you, I'm better when I'm eating healthily, fruit n' veg generally alright, bread and the like more of a problem. That said, I'm convinced the anxiety isn't helping, it has such an effect on appetite. Sometimes I feel hungry, sometimes I go a whole day without eating. Couple that with constant adrenalin highs and my digestive system doesn't know whether it's coming or going .

I don't know what's worse forcing yourself to work or lying in bed tossing and turning in that shallow kind of sleep which doesn't really feel like sleep at all. Couple that with the fact that I've already had three weeks off this year and the mortgage has to be paid and it's Hobsons' choice really. Hoping the Prozac will kick in properly soon and maybe I'll start to function again

Thanks both for your concern and take care
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