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Old 29-07-09, 15:29
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Re: Dry throat and croaky voice

Originally Posted by Aimee View Post
Yes ive had that in past lisa.

Maybe it is stress especially as gp think the ear is tmj related.

yes totally, i sometimes get the fulness in ears and popping noises and itchy ears and dry nose that causes it to run when im outside in the wind. Think its all the stress circulation thing.

How are you getting on with thoe loestrin? I started Marvelon becuase the loestrin made me feel weird


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Old 29-07-09, 22:38
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Re: Dry throat and croaky voice

I just have a dry nose feeling and dry throat, sometimes my throat feels sick. I don't have cold symptoms or anything.

GP says my ear is TMJ related and not fluid or anything as the noise is infront of the ear just amplified with it being so close to the ear. It is when I chew or talk I hear it loud.
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Old 29-07-09, 22:46
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Re: Dry throat and croaky voice

Aimee, nothing will come out. It just prevents it from over building and turning into sinus infection. I have heard the same....no infection unless you see green and or yellow. However, I suffer from post nasal drip and have mucus on the back of my thorat that causes croaky voice and dry throat. Honey helps that part of it and if you are doing the sinus rinse...I think you are doing well! I have heard of putting colotial silver in the rinse if you feel you may be coming down with an infection since that is a natural antibiotic and will help.
I do think the ear thing is TMJ and is stress related. Sinus is stress related too becuase stress weakens the immune system.
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Old 29-07-09, 22:50
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Re: Dry throat and croaky voice

by the way Aimee, you can get Rhinaris (saline gel) to put in your nose that will help with the dryness. You should do this everytime you rinse. Do it with a Qtip.
The Saline rinse you are doing causes my nose to dry out too. Maybe you are doing it too often....how often are you doing it? Are you making your own solution or did you buy it? I know that if I do it too much my nose dries out and have even gotten a sore inside. I bet it can also cause dryness in your throat because you are getting rid of all the mucus and maybe that is too much. You need some mucus to drain down your throat. I would cut back on the saline rinse.
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Old 30-07-09, 00:24
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Re: Dry throat and croaky voice

i suffer from exact same thing .... nose blocked one side then other ....sometimes it is my ear that feels blocked or dull... turns out it is an allergy thing cant remember exactly what it is called rhinitis i think.. can be seasonal like hayfever or mine is all year round so is probably due to dust or something.... anti histimines i.e. clarytin and a steriod nasal spray beconase from the doctor have really helped though i still at times have that blocked nose and when gunk drips down the back of my throat- ugh i know - i get a hoarse voice and scratchy throat and sometimes feel sicky ... so don't worry any more x x x-
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croaky, dry, throat, voice

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