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Old 28-10-10, 14:54
suzy-sue suzy-sue is offline
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Re: How long does a referral take?

Originally Posted by Eggy View Post
No, I'm in the process of trying to get one.

If the Dr doesnt think its urgent you will have to wait longer than an urgent refferal .MRI s are only given where absolutely necessary and symptoms have been detected via other tests .You wont necessarily get one .They cost a lot of money and you are subjected to unecessary radiation if not warranted .The form the Dr sends to the Nurologist will have urgent or non urgent on it .You may be in for a long wait Eggy ..Sue
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Old 28-10-10, 15:12
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Re: How long does a referral take?

I know from working in the NHS that MRI scans are VERY hard to come by unless you absolutely need one and most other tests have been done first. Sue is right in that they cost a fortune, and each scan takes a long time so the number of people they will scan daily are limited.
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Old 28-10-10, 21:44
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Re: How long does a referral take?

I think I waited 4 months for my appointment to have an MRI done and it was done in some sort of trailer outside the hospital.
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Old 28-10-10, 21:53
cozza cozza is offline
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Re: How long does a referral take?

I had a mri done and it took a couple of months,i had been having headaches/pains and various weird things going on for about 5 months before they put me through to have one so the whole process took about 7 months.
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Old 02-02-11, 19:13
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Re: How long does a referral take?

Ive been under a neurologist for over a year now and had various tests including a EMG and MRI i was a bit if an emergency case so i had my MRI on the day but waited a few months for my EMG an i have to say eggy that unless your neurologist thinks its absolutely vital to have an EMG i wouldnt push for one. They are very uncomfortable an sticking needles into the body isnt a nice experience!
I certainly wouldnt have one again!!

Claire xx
Love Claira
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Old 20-09-12, 20:59
Gotagetthroughthis Gotagetthroughthis is offline
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Re: How long does a referral take?

Im currently waiting for my referral to come through. Im hopeing the doctor did actually refer me and didnt just say she would to get rid of me.

Anyone thats had a referral how long did it take for the letter to come through just to confirm you have an appointment. Did it take months even to recieve a letter?
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Old 20-09-12, 23:02
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Re: How long does a referral take?

My daughter - she has epilepsy - waited more than three months to see a neurologist this year. The letter came through quite close to the date of the appointment, we heard nothing till then.

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Old 27-07-13, 08:31
ShaunKGrande ShaunKGrande is offline
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Re: How long does a referral take?

I have gone to Neurologist for my migraine treatment.
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Old 24-07-15, 10:41
humbug83 humbug83 is offline
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Re: How long does a referral take?

I'm hoping to ask GP for a referral to a neurologist as I've been feeling off balance and wobbly since about November. I went down the ENT route but now feel like I should have asked about a neurologist referral sooner. I'm scared if there is something wrong with me I've left it too late especially as I would probably have to wait a couple of months for an appointment :(
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long, referral

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