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Old 25-01-12, 10:24
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Re: Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy same day

Well it's all over and I am back to work!

Best news first...apart from a small Haitus Hernia my results are all normal across the board. No issues at all

The prep wasn't too bad, nothing you would choose to do or drink, but it was tolerable.

The scopes themselves, well I had sedation and the throat spray, but it was very mild so I do remember everything. The gastroscopy - I did gag a couple of times, but the lovely nurse sat talking to me and stroking my head and as soon as I found a breathing rhythm it was fine. And over in just a few minutes.

The colonoscopy was mildly uncomfortable especially when it turns corners! lol. Worst part was the bloated feeling from the air they pump in, but again totally bearable even for me.

I was in and out in 3 hours including the mistake I made of choosing hot chocolate to drink afterwards and feeling very very sick from that.

Day after I was glad I took it off work as I was very tired and a bit achy, but again with careful consumption of food and drink and napping I am back at work today and fine.

So I can honestly say I am so so so glad I went and had this done and if I had to have it done again would not be bothered by the thought.

Thanks to all for their support
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Old 07-02-12, 21:59
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Re: Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy same day

Thanks for posting how you got on Dragonsblonde and glad you got the all clear! I have just been booked in to have both examinations on the same day (March) so feeling anxious like you did. Not looking forward to drinking the fluid to clear me out or abstaining from food for 24 hours. I am currently on Mirtazapine for depression and it makes me want to eat so not eating is going to be tough.
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