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O.C.D. Please post any messages here about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
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Old 12-02-12, 05:17
TillySm TillySm is offline
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Best medication to treat OCD intrusive/ruminating thoughts


I am starting to feel a bit better from this horror, I have identified what it is (been having a sort of nervous breakdown).

I suffer from chronic OCD, during this breakdown however I have not had any obsessions and compulsions. Just excessive racing negative thoughts that are aimed inwards. The thoughts actually cause feelings of depersonalisation/derealisation and corrupt the way I perceive things - include my perception of the flow of time. I have a (probably an incorrect belief) that there is something SERIOUSLY neurologically wrong with me (or I am going psychotic but they tell me I am not). So I have to live with the fact that the OCD is always there in one form or another!!!

Here is the interesting thing - when I feel better, usually in the afternoon and temporarily feel like myself again I start to have normal intrusive thoughts and compulsions!! The self aiming inward obsessive thoughts are gone. But then the self aiming inward thoughts come back the next morning with the depersonalisation chronically. I can live with normal OCD but not the 'depersonalisation' kind if that makes sense. So maybe I need to treat OCD.

I doubt anyone has experienced this right? I think it is a new form of OCD.

Just for interest, what is the BEST medication to treat OCD. I am on SSRI's and it only cuts the anxiety not the OCD style intrusive thoughts. I believe if I can shut the the ruminating off or redirect it on outward things - my experience and functioning may normalize when I re-train myself to just be normal like other people.

This reminds me of a quote from the matrix "ignorance is bliss". The human mind was not meant to turn in on itself and analyse every aspect of itself (especially if you have OCD/anxiety).

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Old 12-02-12, 05:20
swanlinnet swanlinnet is offline
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Re: Best medication to treat OCD intrusive/ruminating thoughts

Sertraline will shift them.

You may have to play your part also; namely, make sure you eat right and any outstanding problems you deal with as best you can. But Sertraline will work, I should say.

Hope this helps:

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Old 12-02-12, 18:42
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Re: Best medication to treat OCD intrusive/ruminating thoughts

I have found fluoxetine at 60 mg to be helpful

some people are prescribed anti psychotics like olanzapine and abilify in low doses

what you MUST do is avoid all stress if possible , and alcohol , drugs

eat well , exercise etc
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Old 07-07-17, 01:13
Chrysmar09 Chrysmar09 is offline
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Re: Best medication to treat OCD intrusive/ruminating thoughts

I am hoping that prozac will help with my ocd intrusive thoughts
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Old 14-07-17, 19:52
akerswes akerswes is offline
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Re: Best medication to treat OCD intrusive/ruminating thoughts

I have been on a number of SSRI's, and none helped me. Just goes to show that everyone's completely different regarding medication. I was excited about Luvox, but it made things worse unfortunately, while I know that medication helps many people tremendously with intrusive thoughts.

Currently, I've just started Anafranil and for the first time am beginning to experience relief. Anafranil is NOT an SSRI, but a tricyclic antidepressant. Maybe give that a try?
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Old 22-07-17, 03:47
constantlyafraid21 constantlyafraid21 is offline
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Re: Best medication to treat OCD intrusive/ruminating thoughts

I've tried a lot of meds. A lot of them worked, but my point overall is be careful regarding alcohol and weed. I'd stay away from them and it ruined a lot of my medications.
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