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Old 02-08-09, 17:56
wombat wombat is offline
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Re: Dreading sigmoidoscopy

I had one a few weeks ago and wasnt' as bad as i expected.I was supposed to be having sedation for it but they couldn't find a vein so had it without. It feels uncomfortable but it's not painful....the nurses were very good and take your mind of things.
Thinking about it is worse than the actual procedure....hope it went ok??
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Old 16-02-12, 12:27
ewood79 ewood79 is offline
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Re: Dreading sigmoidoscopy

I had one done also and it was fine..... i didnt have enama at all..... straight into it lol..... its weird feeling the air go in and blow it up but honestly it was no worries......

one of my gay mates said i must be a natural!!! (im not gay by the way)

you will be fine!
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Old 03-08-15, 12:16
Carioca Carioca is offline
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Re: Dreading sigmoidoscopy

I have to have a sigmoidoscopy on 6th June and they sent loads of literature with it and some nasty looking laxatives. Is there anyone out there who has had this procedure who could tell me what to expect? The leaflet mentions"slight discomfort" which I am a bit suspicious of. Since I got the appointment my IBS has got much worse. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I stop my anxiety reaching new peaks? I have got to the stage of clearing out all the cupboards to save people the bother when I am dead. My friends at work who are usually quite supportive think I should be glad to be "getting it all sorted out" and do not understand how I feel. the 6th June seems a long way away and I don't know what state I shall be in by then.

Hi Grace. I've just read your post and wonder how you are now?
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dreading, sigmoidoscopy

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