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Old 26-03-12, 14:55
Karen100 Karen100 is offline
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Exclamation Throat and neck lumps and blood tests

Hi All
Have been suffering with several issues for the last 6-8 months, had numerous trips to the doctors and still not getting anywhere.
Have had a sore throat, constant coughs and colds, feeling of lump in throat, occasional earache and constant feeling I need to burp.

Also have had my thyroid scanned and it shows that I have a small (4mm) cyst on one of the lobes that they don't even want to look into. Have had full blood count done and liver and kidney function and all normal. Just seems that they have no concern about the problems in my throat and I'm worried it could be cancer, I have 2 boys that I couldn't bear to leave behind because the docs don't think i can have cancer due to me being quite young, I'm 31. Is anyone else having any of these symptoms? Or know any answers?
Thanks for your help.
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Old 26-03-12, 15:47
lollypopgirl1981's Avatar
lollypopgirl1981 lollypopgirl1981 is offline
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Re: Throat and neck lumps and blood tests

Hi, i can onl add, my family have all had coughs for what feels like forever, my stepson had it the longest, even now we even took him for chest xray and all clear....bloods all normal too...think alot has to do with the weather, but just wanted to let you know, that i nkow how you feel, im 30 and convinced im gonna die young and leave my little 3 year old girl who is the love of my life and it upsets me when i think about it... im sure if you have had those test done, then there isnt anything to worry about, but thats easty to say cos we still worry about it. take care x

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actually now i think about it, ive had a lump under my jaw / neck for a few days but im sure its all to do with the cough we have all had, plus im suffering with tooth issues so think mines a swollen lymph node or something. not sure if thats the same as you thou ....
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Old 27-03-12, 22:09
Karen100 Karen100 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
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Re: Throat and neck lumps and blood tests

I know I am probably being silly, well I hope so, but I think the thing is i have lost a few People recently through doctors mistakes, let's hope we're not one of them.
Take care
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Old 05-12-12, 23:47
Glyph Glyph is offline
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Re: Throat and neck lumps and blood tests

I hope everything turned out well for you, Karen and lollypopgirl

I'm a little worried for similar reasons. The Doctor just identified a lump on my neck as just a cyst, but also put me down for a routine blood test and an ultrasound scan -for reasons that have nothing to do with the cyst I went in for, actually: she thinks my thyroid is a bit swollen.

The word 'routine' doesn't seem to be being processed by my internal computer though. I'm sure there are LOADS of reasons for a swollen thyroid that are neither cancerous, not a symptom of thyroid disease, (but I daredn't look for them because googling is usually a mistake!)

Had the blood test today. Just waiting on the other thing now.
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blood, lumps, neck, tests, throat

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