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Old 03-04-12, 15:32
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Awkward man thing...lol?

I had an sti check come back all clear like 3 months ago, I am in a very happy relationship with my fiancee and know she wouldn't cheat on me or do anything like that. But yeah to the point....I have noticed these little red spots scattered around the head of my penis. Some are bigger than others and spread. Not really worried just more curious if any other bloke has had this? I am going back to the gum clinic on thursday, just wanted to see if anyone could give me some information on what it could be as I hate googling! Thanks in advance!

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Old 03-04-12, 15:34
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Re: Awkward man thing...lol?

I will move this to the male issues forum for you

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Old 03-04-12, 16:06
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Re: Awkward man thing...lol?

Red spots sounds like thrush. It happens from time to time. It's not serious. You'll normally get a cream to rub on it. Going to the GUM clinic though is sensible to get it checked out.
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Old 03-04-12, 19:24
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Re: Awkward man thing...lol?

Just had sex with my fiancee and her vagina is burning now, think one of us has given each other thrush...sorry for too much information.
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awkward, man, thinglol

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