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Therapy Please post any messages here about Therapies - Hypnotherapy, Reiki, CBT, NLP, EFT etc.
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Old 06-04-12, 11:06
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Fear of part of CBT

Okay this might sound a bit nutty even for me but I want to get it out there to see if anyone has felt like this or something similar.

I'm embarrassed to admit I only went to 1 session with my therapist, I really want to go back because things are getting worse slowly and I need the help, here's a big thing that's holding me back though.

As many of you know part of CBT involves writing down your thoughts, feelings, the likelihood of them happen, what's the worst that could happen, etc. Now I am somewhat scared to even write some of them down because I worry somehow they might happen because of it. I know that's totally irrational but it's not something I can just shake.

Has anybody went through something similar & any ways of reducing my anxiety of this, it's holding me back & I feel so very stupid because of it. I really want to get better!
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Old 06-04-12, 11:31
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

I thinks thats the point of writing it down, so you can see the thoughts and worries for what they are, irrational, and learn to be less scared of them.
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Old 06-04-12, 12:50
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

The rational part of me understands that, however it just fills me with fear, is it a matter of just doing it despite of the fear regardless or is there any way to make it a bit easier on myself?

I suppose I will just need to force myself to do it but it fills me with major panic, almost like a phobia.
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Old 06-04-12, 12:56
cathycrumble cathycrumble is offline
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

I know where you're coming from as I feel the same CBT is scary lol

Cathy xx
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Old 06-04-12, 13:57
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

I can also relate to your fears here, however, I have to say that having just had session 2 of my CBT, my therapist is totally 'clued up' to my anxieties around this and has made me feel completley at ease. I can only speak from my experience, but it has been amazing for me so far......I am actually looking forward to my next session now and intend to update my CBT diary thread every week. I guess so much depends on the actual therapist and the rapport build with them. Discussing and writing down your fears is the start of facing up to them. Actually, I found she did most of the writing and drew flow charts to try and explain what goes on inside my head when I have to face my fears and anxieties. I do so hope you find the courage to return, in order to combat the anxieties we must first face them head on, and I know how frightening that can be.

Good luck, Kitti
"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"
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Old 07-04-12, 08:04
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

Thanks for the support, my therapist only does a bit of CBT but she is very experienced in working with people with anxiety issues. Therefore I'm not sure how much actual full on CBT I'll be able to get but I really do like her. Plus finding someone who fully bulk bills (as in not just using medicare to get a rebate, therefore still needing to pay a certain amount per session) is difficult & waiting lists for them can be long, so my options are somewhat limited.

Once I get the courage to just do the beginning of the work I'm considering doing some online CBT exercises, then show her them & see if that helps.
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Old 07-04-12, 23:28
thetube82 thetube82 is offline
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

so let me get this straight....... your worried about writing them down incase they come true, but you know part of therapy is writing stuff down?

well i reckon you should write them down to see if they do come true, face the fear and all that...................

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Old 08-04-12, 00:39
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

I agree, you just have to try it and show yourself it can be done without a panic attack. You can even use some CBT techniques to get through that writing down part eg. THinking in your head what your anxious prediction is and what a more rational prediction would be and see which your experience come closer to.


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Old 16-04-12, 22:24
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

I find it helped. I have used PA forms to analyse the fear, anxiety and escape thoughts and the real deeper worry. I know what you mean, for me I thought I would end up focussing on the deeper underlying fear (rather than the anxiety thought). But it hasn't happened, and I've been testing myself by putting myself in places I know I will panic! If anything I'm a whole lot calmer for it (although i'm not fixed yet, my anxiety is definitely reduced)

Good luck - knowledge is power imo!
the only thing to fear is fear itself
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Old 17-04-12, 09:18
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Re: Fear of part of CBT

If you are scared that writing things down will make them all true then I am pretty certain your CBT specialist will have trained people with your issues before and know how the best way to deal with it is.

I would not be getting better without my CBT, these people are clever, and we are text book, so as long as you communicate with them they will help you.
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