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Old 10-04-12, 12:57
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Right leg numbness/ right dizziness

About a month ago, I had a funny turn whereby I suddenly felt very dizzy.... I had to lay down for an hour or so... then I felt numbness and weakness in my right leg, and was unsteady when walking. I went to hospital where they did a CT scan on brain and said all was normal... they put it down to hypertension (my BP was only 140/85 at the time)....

Since then, it's happened a few times.... I get terrified every time it happens, like I'm about to have a stroke.... I feel numbness and pains in my right leg to varying degrees and sometimes it's ok...but then, suddenly, I can feel very numb in my right leg then the whole feeling rushes up the right side of my body and my head / brain. making me feel like i'm about to pass out / keel over.... (thankfully i've not fallen or passed out)...

I'm a teacher and an scared it will happen in class.

anyone else had this? The doctors don't seem worried...but i'm worried that it's something do to with my brain or hearth / vascular system....

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Old 11-04-12, 09:04
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Re: Right leg numbness/ right dizziness


If the doctors don't seem worried then your prob ok....but I would say keep a record of when this happens for future GP visits.

I had an episode where I woke up at 2am and both of my legs, waist down was numb and tingling...I was pinching my legs and couldn't feel anything,...not only that I felt like I couldn't walk properly and wheni went to urinate I couldn't hardly feel going if that makes sense. I was sooooo close to calling an ambulance, then it bought on a panic attack so ended up calling the gas company at 3am thinking I had CM poisoning...

I went to the GP a few days later and told her about this....she didn't seem concerned...I thought it may be nerve damage from having 2 c-sections via spinal epidural...she said it's prob anxiety....

It's not happened that bad since but sometimes I get numbness in my hands it's strange.....

I don't know what it could be but def keep a record so next time you can mention if it become regular.

That was one thing she asked me and I remember struggling to think if it had happened before that

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Old 12-04-12, 02:28
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Re: Right leg numbness/ right dizziness

I am having the same kind of feelings come over me a few times every day lasting for about 30 minutes - except mine is on the left side. It's very hard to describe but just sort of a weakness or something on the left side - my eye feels a bit numb and the left side of my face also my arm and hand.

I was having headaches for almost a month but they seem to have resolved. Also having some dizziness still. I had a CT scan 2 weeks ago which came back clear so that was a relief but i'm still wondering about this weakness.

I know what you mean re: being a teacher - I am not a teacher but I am in sales so, many times a day I am making presentations to customers and sometimes I really don't feel right. This is starting to make me anxious.

Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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