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Old 10-04-12, 16:26
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Exclamation IBS Pains and D for 3 weeks HELP !

Hi I'm 21 male and suffer from IBS-D This is my second flare up 3 weeks 4 days in, My first ever IBS attack started in September 2011 and lasted for 3 weeks 3 days. If I eat any food at all other then Chicken, Bananas, crackers, brown/white bread and watery soup i get agonizing and severe cramping Gas pains in my left side and explosive diarrhea approx 10x in 3 hours. My doctor has given my mebeverine and i drink peppermint tea, the tablets don't do anything while I'm having a severe attack but help a little with the general aces and pains while I'm on my cracker and fruit juice diet. The second i wake up i get the urgency to open my bowls and usually have loose yellow stools that are sometimes a little sticky mucus, If i eat a trigger food or food i would normally have before this nightmare started i would have severe diarrhea even just from eating an apple the previous day. I Had a blood test when i had my first attack in September and a stool test both were normal, No blood no markers for crohns and ulcerative colitis my doctor said these would be unlikely and as i have anxiety and depression since 2009 it's much more likely i have IBS and apparently i have hallmark symptoms. Is it normal for IBS not to be able to eat anything hardly I'm so weak ill and have lost weight around 1 stone and i only weigh 9 stone. I'm unable to work and spend most of the time in bed I do feel ok during the day if i stick to me diet of crackers and watery soup but very weak and tired .Which other drugs should i try ? is this likely to go on for months ,years forever ?. I would love a proper meal right now . Thank's anybody out the
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ibs, pains, weeks

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