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Old 12-04-12, 14:12
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Lump in throat

Started getting really anxious over a bout of visual migraines, so in order to stop worrying over them and making anxiety worse really worked hard at listening to and doing relaxation techniques and this seemed to work, anxiety went down, and was able to distract myself. At work on thursday someone mentioned possible staff changes at work, and have the worry that may be going to be made jobless, since then have had this lump in my throat, which seems better and not so noticable when eat or drink, and is never there when I wake up, but wham soon starts once I think about it, went to docs yesterday, and he didnt even look at my throat, but as I said I was anxious and with my past history, said it was Globus, he has told me to up my Amytrip to 20 mg at night, and see if this helps. Question has anyone else had this for this particular complaint, and did it help, or has anyone any other ideas to help get rid of this
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lump, throat

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