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Depression from Panic/Anxiety Please post any messages here about Depression that is directly related to Panic and anxiety.
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Old 11-04-12, 22:01
R.Barratt R.Barratt is offline
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Unhappy struggling guys i need some advice


I am 17 and have struggled with anxiety and depression eating disorders from the age of 11.

At the moment my self esteem is at an all time low. I have always hated pretty much everything about myself. At the moment I am determing to loose weight because I really do feel like a whale. I am struggling to get up and dressed in the morning let alone going out and socialising.

I understand people may thinkk I am overreacting or being attention seeking but I really do hate myself and feel very depressed. Usually hurting myself or worse but I feel like it would just cause even more hassle because I wouldn't be successful.

I eat healthily and try to go the gym if I manage to get out. But I think of starving myself daily because I'm meant to be going back to college soon and I want to be slim and feel confident about myself.

Does anyone else feel this way or have any advice for me please xxxx
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Old 12-04-12, 08:13
Molly28 Molly28 is offline
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Re: struggling guys i need some advice

I'm 16 and completely understand what you're going through as i've been through it myself. You can message me if you'd like and we can try and get through this
One thing I learnt is to make a list of things every day you are thankful for, even in yourself. Like things you're proud of that you've done and small things that have made you smile. It takes a while for it to properly take effect, but for me it really did help.
You are not attention seeking- I hate that term. You are simply looking for help and no one should ever judge that about you, not even yourself.

Much luck Message me.

Molly28 xx
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Old 12-04-12, 14:48
peter_h peter_h is offline
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Re: struggling guys i need some advice

My advice would be without question seek professional help immediately. There are ways to get out of these feelings you have about yourself but you will need help and guidance.

You are not alone. Don't judge yourself or measure yourself up against anyone else - you are unique. Just seek the life and the answers which are right for you.

Experience shows that most people who have similar feelings get worse if they don't seek help early.

Things which may help you are CBT, self-help groups, professional counselling, perhaps some medication, and the understanding and love from your family and those close to you.

You don't need to suffer what you are going through alone.

Hope that helps
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Old 17-04-12, 12:09
R.Barratt R.Barratt is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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Re: struggling guys i need some advice

Thank you very much. I do have medication and a councillor but it is still so hard and impossible in my eys to change my feelings about myself. But I desperately want to. I really do hate myself. I don't have any family as I have been abused by my mother and she has disowned me. But I do luckily have a wonderful boyfriend who is always telling me how much he loves me and he is soooo positive. His family are also very supportive. Thank you for your advice xxx
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Old 17-04-12, 12:33
Benefit Help Benefit Help is offline
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Re: struggling guys i need some advice

Sorry to hear of your issue. I agree with Peter! There is plenty of help out there, it's just a case of finding it, and making use of it
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