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Old 12-04-12, 22:20
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william wallace william wallace is offline
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Re: should i swap???

That's so heart warming to read Lauz, well done and with such a positive attitude you might be able to kick this bad habit for good.
Least said, soonest mended
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Old 12-04-12, 22:29
lauz_lea lauz_lea is offline
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Re: should i swap???

Thanks TJ. I decided to come off the meds made me feel so much worse, and not just for the short term "adjustment" period, but for months. I wasn't depressed before taking them and I certainly hadn't had any thoughts of not wanting to be alive anymore either, I really did give them plenty of time to work, and I know from previously recoving well with meds that when they work, they work really well, and relatively quickly (for me anyway), but not this time. It was a really hard decision to stop taking the meds, and I too feared that I would never be back to normal (mentally), but touch wood, I'm almost there.

My GP is convinced that there is something "organically" wrong (i.e. something is out of whack that is cause the anxiety, such as my hormones) because it wasn't/isn't a perminent state, but comes in waves and cycles but I honestly don't know if we'll ever get to the bottom of it.

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Originally Posted by william wallace View Post
That's so heart warming to read Lauz, well done and with such a positive attitude you might be able to kick this bad habit for good.
Thanks Mr W, it's good to feel good. I'd forgotten who I was for such a long time, it feels like I'm finally getting me back - onwards and backwards
For every day we suffer, there's a day of joy coming our way so tally up your bad days and see how much joy is yet to come.
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Old 12-04-12, 22:36
gabrielle37 gabrielle37 is offline
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Re: should i swap???

aw Lauz what a wonderful post i am so pleased for you. so inspirational for us all, its all we want is to be 'ME' again, and its great that you are. wishing you lots of happiness :-)

Lesley x
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Old 12-04-12, 22:41
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Re: should i swap???

i developed anxiety after a virus wasnt depressed before that although bwen running on high stress levels as my son was due to have a second op in america. i worry could be hormone related as my mumwent through perimenopause early..i did stop funtioning though which meds helped with so will give bit longer. really pleased for you though an imspiration to us newbys x
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Old 12-04-12, 22:50
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Re: should i swap???

hi all

just caught up with the posts have been busy ebay listing and did intend to come on earlier but was collared into playing monopoly with the kids and have only just finished a 4 hour game

lauz i am so pleased for you well done you sound like you have made real progress and without meds very lovely to hear how well your doing you brought a smile to my face !!!

haven't been too bad myself today still a bit dodgy in the mornings but coping so a bit of an improvement today !!! hope it just gets better now

glad you have been better too today nicola

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and glad you had a good time ww and are feeling better on the lower dose look forward to the pics!!!
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Old 13-04-12, 08:23
Kendra Kendra is offline
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Re: should i swap???

WOW, Lauz you sound like a different person!! You have done so well, so pleased for you!! I love reading when people are doing well it gives everyone else hope!! Well done you!! Keep it up!!

Hows everyone feeling this morning? I'm not to bad today, had a good sleep and woke up feeling canny!!

Still have loads of fears about going places but I have got to get off my backside and overcome them!! Feeling positive again today so we will see, not ready to go back to work Monday and I know I need to push myself but I am not pushing too much like I did in February and ended up totally back to square one!!

Nicola hope your feeling better today poor lass you must be fed up!!
Mr W Please you had a lovely day out, your doing well just need to get a happy medium with the meds!!
Angel hope the increase is going well for you!! You can do it!!
Laura hun nearly time for appointment, you will soon be sorted out and feeling better!!
Joy hope your feeling ok today?
Pink hope your ok too.
Sam - hope your ok and still having fun with the pup!!
Sorry if I have missed anyone out!! Hugs for everyone!!


Kendra x x
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Old 13-04-12, 09:15
joy joy is offline
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Re: should i swap???

Morning, How are you Laura and Nicola today?glad you had a nice day ww and are feeling better, Wow lauz what agood brave post. Also how are you Pink, Angel and Sam.
I cant wait for these relaxation classes to start as I defo need something to stop the early morning screaming eebie jeebies. trouble is they last all day sometime. No point in ringing the duty officer as she wont let me speak to the shrink and suggests stupid things that any one with bad anxiety couldnt possibly do

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Old 13-04-12, 09:35
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LAURA48 LAURA48 is offline
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Re: should i swap???

Hi Joy - yes I am here! sorry your anxiety is still there - don't even think of ringing those stupid duty workers - more change of winning the lottery than seeing a shrink through them! I have nothing more about my complaint. We'll see!

My anxiety is bad but it's the depression I feel is holiding be back with being on no meds - just glad when I see him next week! but crying all the time and don't want to go anywhere - am still at my mums - go back and see husband when he is not at work - but just want to be at work and normal again! suppose we all want that!

Lauz really pleased for you - you have done very well and success stories are what we need to keep us motivated. Once I get on the correct meds - and I do need them - will try and go back to work - they did say pick and choose your hours - do what you want to do - open door! and my boss did phone me the other night saying we want you back. So that was nice. See what happens.

Nicola hope you are feeling a bit better this am.

Laura x
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Old 13-04-12, 10:08
kestral kestral is offline
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Re: should i swap???

mornings all, hope things are better for samhar, nicola, mr w, joy, laura and anyone who was having it bad yesterday. lauz is sounding pretty hot in more ways than one at the moment and it sounds as though hubby has got his hands full(?) this weekend. its always good to see people getting it back together.
have a good day, alan.
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Old 13-04-12, 10:17
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Re: should i swap???

morning all

not too bad this morning got my talk therapy this afternoon so i will see how i get on with that havent really noticed any change with the increase so hopefully will be ok :

laura sorry you are still feeling bad but not long now to wait hun

relaxation classes sound good joy could do with a bit of that !!!

hope everyone else is ok
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