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Old 13-04-12, 09:35
rubynoodles rubynoodles is offline
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anyone get rumblings & grumblings?

I've had ibs for 12+ years but in the last couple of months my stomach & intestinal area regularly makes the most awful rumbling, bubbling, gurgling noises.

Its worse in the mornings and at night when I lie down but I can also get it throughout the day.

Its really annoying and makes me feel really anxious as its not something I used to have.

The gp's at the surgery I go to just dont want to know as soon as I mention the words IBS, they just tell me to take anti-depressants which I do not want to do
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Old 22-04-12, 18:24
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Greenman50 Greenman50 is offline
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Re: anyone get rumblings & grumblings?

Yep ....i get loads of gurgling . Sometimes not for years , then it happens for a few weeks .

Sounds normal to me
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Old 25-04-12, 07:57
Dan21 Dan21 is offline
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Re: anyone get rumblings & grumblings?

For the last few weeks, it sounds like somebody is opening creaky doors in my stomach :(
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Old 16-05-12, 15:58
Theme Theme is offline
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Re: anyone get rumblings & grumblings?

I get this all the time, every day. It's gas in the system and my doc said i had IBS, but i don't know if i buy that because those noises are all that's wrong with me. it seems when you are fit and healthy apart from this then doctors don't take you seriously and say "Just gas in the digestive system!" Seriously in this day and age medical science hasn't got a clue when it comes to the digestive system. They are so far behind.

I got told also that i had 'achalasia' google that, i had to! Anyway i was wondering if having the problem with the swallowing (achalasia) meant i could be unconsciously gulping more air and that's what's wrong and nothing to do with IBS?

Doctors are always covering their backs, scared to come out with what they really think, in case they're wrong and they get called to account for it. When i got all the tests for achalasia and asked them "do i have it?" they said "we think so!" But thinking is no good to me! i want either a yes or no. This is what i mean when i say that they're scared to commit to a diagnosis in many cases.

I'm perfectly willing to believe i may have IBS but another question then comes up from me; why does none of the medicine given to me have any effect on it?
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Old 18-05-12, 13:43
Jezza Jezza is offline
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Re: anyone get rumblings & grumblings?

I get this all the time too. It also feels like there is a full term baby kicking me the gas is so strong. I think it also makes the palpatations worse too.
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grumblings, rumblings

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