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Old 15-04-12, 00:42
miniholly miniholly is offline
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Really worried and panicking over Birth Control issues :(

Urgh, well I'm back again I've had my HA under control for some time now but some certain issues keep coming back to bug me such as my phobia of pregnancy.
I'm on the Pill (Cilest) and on Thursday I took my pill at 3pm instead of 10pm, that day I had sex. I've been on the Pill since November now and started taking it as I found out a few months ago I'm allergic to condoms. I'm really stressing out! Since that day I've taken it at 3 - 4pm as its just easier as I'm having problems with my sleep so it just makes more sense to take it in the day when I'm less out of it.
am I stressing over nothing? Its a combined pill btw if that helps NOT a Mini-pill. I haven't missed a pill either I always remember to take it.
Help please? Really panicking over this.

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I know I may seem impatient but, anyone? :(
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Old 15-04-12, 01:28
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Re: Really worried and panicking over Birth Control issues :(

Hi, don't worry, it's only the mini pill where you have to take it at teh same time each day
the combined pill you're fine if you take it at some point each day. I usually take mine first thing in the morning (along with all my other flipping medication!) as I find it easiest to remember as part of my getting ready routine.
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Old 15-04-12, 02:02
miniholly miniholly is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2010
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Re: Really worried and panicking over Birth Control issues :(

Thank you I did google and it only came up with things about being late and not early, and those that did ask about being early were about the mini pill so its a bit of a relief knowing that its fine if I just take it once a day I am sticking to the 3 - 4pm time thoughx x
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birth, control, issues, panicking, worried

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