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Social Anxiety Please post any messages here about Social Anxiety.
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Old 15-04-12, 01:22
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I might have to get a job (omg nightmare)

ok, i have been full time mum for 7 years, i suffer with bad anxiety and panic and have nil social skills, iam rubbish at dealing with others, dont work as a team well and have no confidence...

having to go to work is something i only dream about, in an ideal world i would love to be sucessul career driven etc

the reality is that i am 'me' and just the thought of job commitment makes me panic (almost like someones out to kill me) i hate it.

my partner normally works while i stay at home, but he had a neck strain injury from his physical factory work, so he took a computer job which only lasted a few weeks as he wasnt getting on. we have a big mortgage (600 a month) and we are now on jobseekers allowance!!! rubbish income we are going overdrawn, but my partners neck injury has got quite bad, he has been on solpadol for 3 mths and cant sleep and is having physiotherapy so he is struggling to get back to work,

he may be able to claim ESA, but i dont think they pay much? (same as jobseekers)

now theres me, because of my panic and anxiety (which i deal with myself in my own shell) i would rather die than get a job (sound harsh) but after i got bullied at school, i just can be put in a situation with people, i dont have money to look good physically either (i.e hair, nails, skin etc-i cant keep up with that)

i dont take well to being told what to do (take it personally)

im scared, anyone else feel like this?
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Old 15-04-12, 02:22
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Re: I might have to get a job (omg nightmare)

Hello nok. Have yous both tried for DLA? Your husband should try for it for his physical condition and you for your panic attacks. But bit of advice you will really have to lay it on. Basically make both your symptoms sound a lost worse than they are. You can download a PDF file for DLA form at this link. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/advisers/claim...dult_print.pdf
If you have any problems with anything then there is a member on here called london which may give you advice. Just PM him and im sure he will help?
Anymore advice on anxiety or panic then give me a PM and i'll try help with anything that is bothering you.
Good luck

Remember Anxiety is a learned behavioral condition. You learned it, so you can UNLEARN it
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Old 20-04-12, 20:34
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Re: I might have to get a job (omg nightmare)

your partner should claim disability as it was a work related problem.
there is also the no win no fee companys who would gladly take his case on
if it was the work that caused this...did he not get sickness pay from work?
A coward dies a thousand times,a hero only once...
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job, nightmare, omg

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