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Old 15-04-12, 05:44
Valid and Not in Use's Avatar
Valid and Not in Use Valid and Not in Use is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
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Hi I'm new -- from Valid

I am glad to find this forum and look forward to some community as we all muddle through and feel better, that is the idea, no?

I began to stop sleeping properly some months ago, I was waking exhausted, anxious, and out of touch with my world with no interest in my work or future. Brain in a fog and physically a wreck before getting out of bed. Of course this was pretty difficult for me as I have a little OCD and OCPD (personality OCD -- got to get to the bottom of everything by deadline, it must ALL FIT and work for me), so then we got into a lot of health anxiety too, one thing after another, it has been like a traffic pile up... insomnia, anxiety, depression....

I am on my second week of Citalopram and told to up dose to 30 mg this upcoming third week. I am taking Klonopin before bed to help me sleep for more than three or four hours. It is doing that, but unfortunately not warding off the morning heebie-jeebies.

I found Trazadone a better sleep aid, but I would wak after three hours. One approach for awhile was to take either a Trazadone, or Zolpidem, or sometimes a natural thing... then after waking after the 'first sleep' take a mild benzo like Tamezapam, it would sail me through those anxious times in bed.

Psych doc didn't like this 'variety' I was indulging in, and I suppose she is well to insist I do one thing and stick with it. But the Klonopin not helping me sleep well and finding me anxious... well that is hard right now... hoping maybe tomorrow morning will be easier...

So here's a question already for anyone taking Citalopram, did your sleep EVENTUALLY get better, alone with the Citalopram?

All best, and thanks! Valid
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Old 15-04-12, 06:31
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diane07 diane07 is offline
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Hi Valid and Not in Use

We just wanted to welcome you aboard to NMP. We hope you enjoy your stay here and get all the support and advice you need.

Please take some time to read the website articles on the left as well for loads of advice and tips.
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Old 15-04-12, 09:41
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Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky is offline
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Re: Hi I'm new -- from Valid

Hi and welcome to NMP

Paige x
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Old 15-04-12, 09:44
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Pipkin Pipkin is offline
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Re: Hi I'm new -- from Valid

Hi there and a big, warm

I know you'll find lots of people here who share your experiences and that you'll also be able to give a lot to others.

Take care and keep posting

Pip x
Not drowning, but waving
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Old 15-04-12, 11:12
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little wren little wren is offline
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Re: Hi I'm new -- from Valid

Hi valid It does help to know others can understand how you feel and the advice that goes around on this site can be really helpful. I am sure you will find people who can empathise.

little wren x
'There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still' ~ Franklin D Roosevelt
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Old 15-04-12, 21:49
SJ in KSA SJ in KSA is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
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Re: Hi I'm new -- from Valid

I'm only a few minutes new on here- reading through everyone's backgrounds. But the fact you said Citalopram? I just want to give you some reassurance. I was prescribed it in Britain 7 years ago. It's been a great drug for a heck of a lot of people, but if you are like me? maybe your body doesn't like it.
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Old 18-04-12, 06:57
Valid and Not in Use's Avatar
Valid and Not in Use Valid and Not in Use is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
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Re: Hi I'm new -- from Valid

Thanks for the warm welcomes folks! SJ -- the Celexa seems to be settling in a little better this week as far as side effects... but it's day to day... I kNOW my body doesn't like being forced to calm down, in a sense... and with the lost libido and natural dopamine... hence I am looking for a nice date with it to find a new, probably relatively zombie-ish normal but less anxious, then figure out my program to help myself, it is just a tool.... I hope it is the right drug because, damng I don't want to be going on an adventure of tesing out a bunch... thanks for thoughts....
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