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Depression from Panic/Anxiety Please post any messages here about Depression that is directly related to Panic and anxiety.
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Old 09-12-17, 16:00
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Completely paranoid!

I've gone from being fine last week to completely depressed, suicidal thoughts and awful awful paranoia!
I feel like I'm completely cut off from my friends even though I know I could call them and see them anytime. I feel like I would bring an atmosphere or they'll be others there that don't like me or maybe they don't really like me either. I feel like my boyfriend will get fed up with me if I keep feeling unwell. I'm over analysing everything everyone says and does. I snapped at work the other day and feel awful. I'm totally exhausted from it. I can't understand why people are near me if they hate me. I keep trying to tell myself no one does but I can't stop thinking it. what should I do?
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Old 16-12-17, 09:51
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Re: Completely paranoid!

It might help, to get a pen and paper, and ask yourself, "Why do I think people hate me?"

I have done this. I asked, "Why do I think people don't want to associate with me?"

My answer was "Because I'm fat and I don't wear makeup or do my hair."

I was shocked at such a hateful, superficial view of myself! So I asked, "Why do I think that people will hate me because of those things?"

I said, "Because that is me as I am."

Then asked, "Why do I think people dislike me as I am?"

I didn't have an answer, but that WAS the answer. The answer was that I needed to work on accepting me as I am. And that's where my journey begun. For me, it involves going out without makeup on and without my hair done and smiling at people and talking to them and trying to FEEL INSIDE that I *still have value* and I have *no less value* than if I was "done up".

This may not help, but I'm just sharing what helped me. For you it may not be insecurities about looks, it could be about your personality, your behaviour, or a fear of loss and rejection, or... anything else. You can find the source if you start asking yourself questions.
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Old 21-12-17, 19:47
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Re: Completely paranoid!

Thank you for your reply, I will try it. I know the answers to some of my questions and I am ashamed of them. I struggle with shame and I guess I assume everyone hates me as much as I hate myself sometimes. I'm going back to therapy in the new year to try and conquer it. I hate feeling like this!
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completely, paranoid

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