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Social Anxiety Please post any messages here about Social Anxiety.
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Old 28-01-17, 11:16
Bigboyuk Bigboyuk is online now
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Re: I feel so alone

Originally Posted by cfafly View Post
I have trouble making friends too... like you, I like to go solo and independent but sometimes I find myself staring at other groups or pairs of friends as they talk, laugh, and spend time together. When I am with people, I try to make myself fun to be around but sometimes I overdo it. My suggestion is to never push a friendship or relationship. Let everything happen naturally because these things take time. And people who think like the lone wolf aren't necessarily isolated. There are people out there just like you and me and one day you might just run into one.

If you still are struggling, maybe try finding just one person and not a whole pack. Bonding with one person is easier than trying to impress a whole group. Again I know this is tough because lots of people come with a whole group.

Best of luck!
Yes can fully identify with you on this We are twins Thank you
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Old 22-02-17, 12:26
Krishna shekhawat Krishna shekhawat is offline
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Re: I feel so alone

If you are feeling alone, so I am listing some tips that will help you:

Get involved Involvement in activities that make you happy.
Spending time with family and friends.
If you are a religious or spiritual person, talk to a clergy member or spiritual advisor.
Consider mMeditation, tai chi, or other forms of relaxation methods.
Adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.
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Old 22-02-17, 13:54
GlassPinata GlassPinata is offline
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Re: I feel so alone

This may sound weird, but try getting involved in volunteer work, for a charity or organization that is meaningful to you.
Volunteers are never unwelcome, they are always valued by the group they are working for, since they work without monetary recompense.
And you may avoid those feelings you sometimes get in social situations, like, "What am I doing here? I don't belong here." Because clearly, what you're doing there is working for a cause you believe in.
And it is a great way to meet a better class of people- people who volunteer are generally caring and compassionate.

Best wishes.

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