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Old 11-01-17, 14:21
teirnon teirnon is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
Posts: 8
Hello everyone

Hi everyone, I'm new here. My name is Teirnon, I'm 31 and from the Netherlands. Right now I'm mostly experiencing health anxiety and I hope I can find some ways to cope with that here.
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Old 11-01-17, 14:24
Clydesdale Epona's Avatar
Clydesdale Epona Clydesdale Epona is offline
Advanced Member
Join Date: Jan 2017
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Re: Hello everyone

Hi there Teirnon x
i hope you have find the forum as helpful and supportive as i have,
all the best
- Laine

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."

"Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can"

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Old 11-01-17, 14:25
teirnon teirnon is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
Posts: 8
Re: Hello everyone

Thanks Aiden01!
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Old 11-01-17, 14:27
venusbluejeans's Avatar
venusbluejeans venusbluejeans is offline
UK administrator / Queen of overthinking
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Welcome to No More Panic!

Hiya teirnon and welcome to NMP

Why not take a look at our articles on our home page, they contain a wealth of information and are a great starting place for your time on the forum.

I hope you find the as site helpful and informative as I have and that you get the help and support you need here and hope that you meet a few friends along the way

Emmz xx

nolite te basstardes carborundorum

Please help keep NMP running and donate to the running costs:

FREE online CBT course....give it a go... what have you got to lose????..

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Old 11-01-17, 15:13
SLA's Avatar
SLA SLA is offline
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Re: Hello everyone

Hi teirnon,

What is concerning you at the moment?

Check Out My Vlog - The Most Important Thing I Learnt About Anxiety
How to Beat Intrusive Thoughts
“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.” ― Seneca
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Old 11-01-17, 19:24
teirnon teirnon is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
Posts: 8
Re: Hello everyone

Thank you, venusbluejeans and SLA.

Right now I'm mostly dealing with health-related anxiety. I found some lymph nodes in my neck in November, which have been worrying me ever since. I had an ultrasound today to check them out and the radiologist wasn't concerned. So I guess I'm reassured for the moment.

I've found that as soon as I'm reassured, I start worrying about something else. I joined this forum to find some ways to help me cope with that.
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