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Health Anxiety Are you plagued by fears about your body or health? Are you suffering from Health Anxiety? Please check other sub-forums first to see if your problem should be posted there instead. E.G. the IBS forum or the medication forum or the symptoms forum.
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Old 01-09-16, 04:27
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Re: How To Survive Health Anxiety!

Great post,its helpful for me.i think anxiety includes persistent and unnecessary worries about everyday, common events or activities, which can disrupt concentration and lead to other issues, such as depression.
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Old 11-01-17, 22:10
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Smile Re: How To Survive Health Anxiety!

Thank you so much for this- this post is exactly what I needed today.
I've struggled with health anxiety on and off for 7 years now, and of late it has spiralled out of control :-(
It's difficult to find rationality when all your symptoms point to a serious physical health condition in your head.. but to know others are going through the same is very powerful.
I hope everyone on here manages to find some peace in something, try mindfulness if you need a release in the moment!

Thank you again, a great post which I truly empathise with.
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Old 21-02-17, 15:25
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Re: How To Survive Health Anxiety!

I agreed with Lifestyle Changes that Reduce stress and anxiety. I think that kind of confidence could be the key to your anxiety problem, and that kind of confidence comes through practice and exposure. It's just that martial arts training will give a bit of each in small increments.

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Old 10-03-17, 22:34
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Re: How To Survive Health Anxiety!

Im new in this site ,i hope i can help myself also to overcome my health anxiety .my anxiety has been with me for quite sometime now ,almost 2 years.i was diagnosed with hyperaldosteronism which is giving me a high blood pressure.even though its controlled still im always worried that i will get sick ,i become a worrier now even small things makes me worry and anxious.i dont how long i will stay like this i hope i can be the same person as i was before care free and full of life.☹️😢 I miss the old me.
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