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Old 01-09-11, 08:48
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new to propanol - taking 40mg only when i need

Hi everyone

So i had a little break down with the anxiety again and my GP decided to try me on propanol instead of the usual citalopram, i have 40 mg to take but only when i need to. I just wondered if it would be more effective to take it every day on regular basis or shall i follow the doctor’s orders. I feel like i might mess up my whole system or something if i just take it as and when. Thanks for any responses.

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Old 01-09-11, 13:48
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Smile Re: new to propanol - taking 40mg only when i need

ive taken propranolol 40mg when needed like you i was not sure i would mess up anything but propranolol is not just for anxiety but for palpatations as well, you must have confidence in you gp, its only if you have high blood pressure it should be taken more often, see gp again ask her to explain, this is also used for magraines, as far as i know its none addictive. i myself when to my gp yesterday and was given a lower dose, and could take up to 4 a day if need i find this help calm me down, and have new faith in this drug
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Old 01-09-11, 23:34
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Re: new to propanol - taking 40mg only when i need

Follow what your GP tells you. I had 40mg x 3 times daily and it helped me beat anxiety. My pulse was over 130bpm, I could not eat properly so was losing weight, could not sleep and was scared all the time. The tablets and life changes really helped - I stopped smoking and cut out caffeine and also had counselling.

Hope you feel better soon.
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40mg, propanol, taking

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