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Old 17-05-06, 16:26
molly15 molly15 is offline
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suffocating feeling

hi im just wondering if any1 suffers from a terribly tight chest and a feeling of suffocating all day but worse when im doing housework etc it feels like my lungs are spasaming or something i get it a lot most days but worse when im active .had lots of tests ashtma checks lung fuction test chest xray and ecg all normal my doc says im hyperventilating but can it cause such bad chest symptoms i feel like i cant get take a deep breath as if im being smotherd all day .i have to stop hoovering and sit down its that bad.can any1 relate to a feeling like a wheezy throat as well that the only way i can describe that feeling.i just feel my whole throat chest and diaphragm are constricted .can any1 relate to this. thank you marcia

i have to do it for my kids if not for myself marciaxx
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Old 17-05-06, 21:52
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ceecee ceecee is offline
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hi marcia just reading your thread i dont actially suffer from chest tightness etc. but i know my dad who suffered from anxiety years n years ago did as all the muscles in your chest tighten i know its proboly scary but it will pass!!!just try to relax,easier said than done!!!!but my dad had this 20 years ago and hes the healhiest 60 year old i know !!hope that helps take care rachel x x x
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Old 18-05-06, 14:18
**whenwillthisend** **whenwillthisend** is offline
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hi ,yes i too get this suffocating feeling and it is horrible.I have suffered chest tightness for around five months now,everyone says its just the anxiety,but it is hard to beleive.sometimes whether iam sat down or busy i suddenley feel im gonna stop breathing as my chest feels so tight,i usually react so wrong instead of staying calm i will jump up panicing take some rescue remedy,then get my mobile ready incase i need to call for help!!!!!!! sounds crazy i know,but some days its so hard to just accept the feelings that these tense muscles are causing.I have read claire weeks books back to front,just wish i could accept my symptons fully and try and get on with life[Sigh...]
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Old 21-02-10, 06:15
Mikey27 Mikey27 is offline
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Re: suffocating feeling

Well..basicly..im 27..i started having breathing problems about 2 years ago...the first times started with my heart starting to beat fast.i feel like im suffocating...it went for about 2-3 minutes...i panic and feel im going to die.I found myself calling the ambilance many times but they arrive i feel ok.This would happen to me once every one or two months.Then lately it got more complicated...When the attacks hit me...it really hits me hard..to a point myhands and arms start to numb...my neck and my face...and i can feel it gowin up to my head...I feel im gonna die..but as soon as i think its my last breath of life...it calms down.Lately i just feel a pressure pressin on my rib cage and on my chest like its tight...I cant take this any longer and i really think im going to die.Im so scared.Last time it happened was 3 days ago and again when the ambulance came..i felt better...they asked me if i wanted to go to the hospital and i refused.Now as we speak I just feel weak...i cant breath probably but not to a point to have one of my crisis...i feel my head is heavy my back hurt..and i feel like my rib cage is pressin my lungs...i always was told it was stress that caused anxiety attacks...im fed up..im going to the hospital...i will post more to give you an update on my situation...anyone can write me on my email escodinero@hotmail.com
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Old 21-02-10, 09:56
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amandaj amandaj is offline
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Re: suffocating feeling

hi marcia i know how you feel, this has always been my worse symptom of anxiety , i know its easier said than done but trying to relax does help a bit, only way i can describe it when i get it is like an elephant sat on my chest squashing it , the suffocating feeling is horrible but it is def made worse by us getting more anxious about it,hope you feel better soon
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Old 10-07-10, 09:54
gonsix gonsix is offline
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Re: suffocating feeling

hi I am having same symptoms of suffocating,chest,tightness,waking up while sleeping gasping for air.Have done all tests,nothing serious except that I have allergic rhinitis.Doctors suggest me antidepressants I didn't took them.Does anyone have tried antidepressants?
I am having this symptoms everyday for three months now.
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feeling, suffocating

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