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Old 22-01-12, 08:13
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blood when blowing nose

i ALWAYS have blood on my tissue when i have blown my nose, and i went to the doctors a few weeks ago about it when i actually coughed and alot came up and he said it could just be coming from my nose, but didn't give any explanation for it and just looked up my nose and at the back of my throat. and that was that.

im actually getting really wierd though because when cough and normally all i can taste is blood, and its not like its now and then bits of blood in my phlegm, its ALL the time. This morning i just sneezed and lots of bright red blood came out my nose.

Thing is for ages now my breathing has been getting worse, my chest wheezy and i cant breathe properly and get breathless and everyone puts its down to anxiety but im sure its not, im convinced i have something wrong with my lungs.

I have practically begged for tests but get none.

im just wondering if anyone else experiences anything similar woth the blood thing?

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Old 22-01-12, 11:54
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Re: blood when blowing nose

Bright red blood is perfectly fine, the worry is in very dark clotty matter from the lungs, so relax.

This is the time of year of tight, chesty, coughy, flemmy rubbish, winter = cold air inhaled everyday.

Sounds like nasal capillaries have broken from heavy sneezing or blowing, I get it at times, no worries.
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Old 22-01-12, 12:12
pablo22 pablo22 is offline
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Re: blood when blowing nose

ive sneezed blood an number of times, with me it came from my sinuses, no big deal, probably just had a sinus infection x
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Old 22-01-12, 12:48
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Re: blood when blowing nose

I've been getting this for many years now, so it can't be anything serious in my case. Left nostril only. The taste of blood isn't very nice. Everyone says I blow my nose too much and too hard. It's probably a wee burst blood vessel.
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Old 22-01-12, 14:02
Carys Carys is online now
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Re: blood when blowing nose

It sounds like you went to your doctor and left not feeling reassured at all (and you know HA sufferers usually feel reassured even for a few mins LOL),

Can you go back and see another one in the practice as clearly whatever the reason for the blood it shouldn't just be put down to 'its just coming from your nose' ! So, why is it just coming from my nose and what can be done to help it ? Maybe you need a nasal spray ? Maybe you need a closer inspection of the nasal passages to see what is going on ? Ask for a referral to an ENT. You may need a blood vessel cauterized in your nose, you could have a weakness in a little vein or something ? You may have a sinus infection ? As others have said, from what I've heard, blood that comes from higher up behind the nose can be then coughed in your phlegm, although it is incredibly disconcerting.
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Old 22-01-12, 22:23
countrygirl countrygirl is offline
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Re: blood when blowing nose

I have always had this in left nostril only and if I put my finger in nose there is a small area at bottom inner that is tender to touch and bleeds if touched and always seems to have a bit of a bloody scab on it. As I have always had this and had my nose looked up many times and even had camera in sinuses I can only assume its due to weak blood vessels in an area of my nose.

My husband also goes thorugh phases of red hankes as well.
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Old 23-01-12, 01:24
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S.dee S.dee is offline
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Re: blood when blowing nose

This happens to alot of people, mostly if your throats been dry through coffin or sore throat , tickly cof, cold, and jus bad air condioning, which is how i got it, even if ur stuffy, x dont worry bout it, jus drink plenty of fluids to keeop your body hydrated xx
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Old 23-01-12, 04:27
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xfilme xfilme is offline
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Re: blood when blowing nose

i have the same. i have sinus issues and had terrible dust allergies. before i went to an allergy testing specialist and was prescribed daily antihistimines and a nasal spray, i rubbed my nose so much that when i blew it, loads and loads of blood came out. since then, every time i blow my nose even gently, i get bright red blood on my tissue and tiny little scabby bitfrom from my sinuses where the cappillaries are trying to heal, but they dont heal, because every day i have to blow my nose before i can use my nasal spray :P its been like it for two months now. your mucus membranes in your nose take a long time to heal in general. this is the reason nose peircings often become infected. i shouldnt worry about it. its very common. x
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blood, blowing, nose

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