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Old 22-01-12, 12:16
Beyonderz Beyonderz is offline
Junior Member
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Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

Hey all,

I am a little bothered with some sort of very slight pain and discomfort under my right rib cage and sometimes same area at my back, and same feeling in between my shoulder blades.
This feeling under rib cage, can be described as a slight stabbing, but it doesn't take too long time, not persistent or nothing very severe. But it's quite disturbing. I also feel upset burning stomach/reflux and rarely a burning sensation in middle of upper chest.

I will see doctor soon but I cant help getting anxious about it even though the people around me keep telling that it's most probably gallbladder stones.
But as far as I read from Dr. Google (yeah sorry, I know) the pain suppose to be very severe. So I started getting anxious over it, thinking it might be something more serious with lungs or liver, even can be my right breast.

Anyone had gallbladder problems with very slight symptoms and very little pain? I don't have stool discoloration or nausea, or fever. Other than the anxiety, actually the pain I am having under my rib is not bothering me at all.

Thanks for reading.
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Old 22-01-12, 13:35
haighy haighy is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
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Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

hi im 25 and i had those symtoms bad back pain under ribs i thought mine was my kidneys,had at least 4 weeks and its only just started easing. any questions inbox me trust me ive seen 8 different doctors in past 3 month and they have all said its anxiety
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Old 22-01-12, 18:26
swgrl09 swgrl09 is offline
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Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

Hi, I'm 23 and I am having similar symptoms. I too have no other symptoms, except sometimes my muscle pain from tension in my back stretches around to the front if that makes sense. I attributed it to that ... when I am not thinking about it, I notice nothing. It's probably just anxiety, but a trip to the docs will only help, not hurt.

Also if it helps - I work with two people who had to have problems with their gallbladder, and both were in bad pain where it was hard to bend over or move. One had it removed, and one is controlling it with diet.
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Old 22-01-12, 19:07
Em.ma Em.ma is offline
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Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

Hiya. I have things like this all the time. I have been told its anxiety (sometimes i get acid under rib that causes pain there) but it is nothing serious
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Old 22-01-12, 21:44
Beyonderz Beyonderz is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 183
Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

Thanks everyone for your kind responses.

I am trying to convince myself that this is not a serious thing. Yeah seriously, when I go outside, walk to market, talk to other people or even when riding bicycle I don't feel it much or don't think about it. But I do sure have it a bit more at evenings and night time. And especially when I'm sitting, not when I'm standing. but the weird thing is now I feel it in left side instead :P. It's like wandering around in same area, left and right. This is making me think more of it being stress related (hopefully).

I remember I was having excessive gas and burping a bit more than usual 3-4 weeks ago, and then I started having that weird slight and dull pain on my back. You know the rest... Thoughts of every possible serious condition around that area passed from my mind like a long train. Then, I remember these pains starting, right after I feel panicked. And with the panic, stomach pain went worse, I am sure of it. I usually forget that digestive system is the most vulnerable to stress.

I hope it's nothing serious. Thanks to you all.
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Old 22-01-12, 22:57
miss_t miss_t is offline
New member
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Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

I've had exactly the same symptoms, and mine was acid reflux
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Old 24-01-12, 00:35
Beyonderz Beyonderz is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 183
Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

Yeah Miss-t I hope mine is also something like that. The thing is I usually get those back pain and abdominal pain during evening and night. I am trying to stay calm telling myself that, if it was something serious it would keep on going whole day maybe...

Today I had no pain in morning and until evening time, and I ate properly today with no symptoms of indigestion, it's just I ate a bit spicy potato chips around 9 pm, now I am having so much gas and back pain (usually around rib cages back, and around shoulder blades, yes that "up" also) and this back pain is making me anxious actually.

I stopped worrying about the rumbling gas, under-ribcage-pains and that annoying spasmic feeling all around my abdomen, because the disturbance is all around my abdomen, 4 quadrants totally. And I got like a very pale colored poop today morning (not to gross you out, sorry) though the structure was normal. I hope it doesn't continue with that color :( I can't help but worry about that color change (even though it's just one day for now), and my all around back pain.

I need to find more logical explanations to debunk those symptoms, until I get called from health center for Doctor visit.
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Old 24-01-12, 02:31
Ivory Ivory is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 9
Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

Hi there. Sorry to hear you are going through this uncomfortable issue. I have had the EXACT same thing happening to me for the last 3 1/2 months. This pressure, fullness sensation under my right ribcage that radiates to my back. Almost like I have something in there. It comes and goes and doesn't really cause pain, just uncomfortable and scares me. I've also had tummy troubles too since this pressure feeling started. I've been walking around in a haze convinced there is something terminally wrong with me. I've been to the ER and my Dr office at least 10 times. I've had ultra sounds, CT scans, blood work, EKG. Everything came back completely normal and fine. My Dr. said its my anxiety and perhaps IBS. I'm relieved that there is nothing seriously wrong with me and grateful that it is a treatable and managable condition. Everyday I feel a little bit better than the day before. If you are young and healthy and don't have a family history of major illnesses than I would not worry. I know that is easier said then done but I swear to you I have the exact same thing. Keep us posted as to what your Dr says and if you start to feel better. Good Luck...
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Old 24-01-12, 07:48
zephyrpuss zephyrpuss is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 2
Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

Hi - just to answer an earlier question
Yes I have had gallstones for approx 13 years now, well 13 years from the date they were found lurking in there! I had/have IBS and relux and GERD greedy of me I know! I have to say that for me the pain is off to the right, slightly under the bottom of the right rib cage and into the back esp. between the shoulder blades. Yes the pain feels like standard acid reflux sometimes not overly painful. Now I've been told via ultrasound results that I have multiple stones. It was because of long standing stomach & IBS that they tested me for gallstones. I also and as yukky as it is a subject get on times pale poo and that is due to the gallstone issue. This is esp bad when I've had too much diary or fat and other times it can be when I eat anything at all and sometimes when I@m reall unlucky nothing at all!. I can get bad pain (bad enough for mourphine injections in hospital) to just mild pain and if I'm really lucky hardly any pain at all no more than normal reflux. It is hard some times to know which is playing up more...the stomach or the gallstones - but then the gallblader via the ducts that empty into the intestines causes pain in the stomach/chest and back. It's a nasty circle that goes round & round for us with a unstable digestive system isn't it? You should know if they are gallstones because if you press into the top right quadrant you can feel a really painful but localized area. Please remember though that the gallblader is attached to the liver so don't go jabbing at yourselves! also gallstones when they flare up cause an extremely sharp stabbing right sided pain and sometimes into the back more often than not after eating, for me it's approx 40mins after but sometimes upto an hour+ after food.
Gallstones HATE icecream (not the good ones like Hagan D**)and low fat spreads this was told to me in hospital by a doctor, it is due to the low quality fat emulsions in them. It is not always from butter & greasy high fat foods that trigger the pain!
Hope this helps?!
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Old 24-01-12, 09:06
Beyonderz Beyonderz is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 183
Re: Slight pain under rib cage and back - a little disturbed.

Thank you guys!
I am a bit more relieved now, at least I dont have a persistent pain. Just waiting for Dr visit.

I am going to write about the visit so if anyone experiences the same and feels uneasy, maybe knowing it would help relaxing.

Feel well
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