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Old 04-02-12, 10:15
oellph oellph is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
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Burning / Sore Tongue

Hi all,

I used to suffer from reflux - nothing bad, just burning in throat in the morning. I was on PPIs for 5 years and during 2011 tapered off them and no longer need the meds. However I did develop a burning sensation on my tongue, which has lasted for 3+ months and lately has gotten worse.

I'm back on the PPIs to see if symptoms will ease, but so far it hasn't. The doc also, reluctantly, gave me some fungal meds in case it was oral thrush that wasn't clearly visible.

My tongue is sore, mainly localised to the back and left side. The dentist couldn't see anything wrong. The doc dismisses it. I'm worried its cancer or something else equally horrible. I've tried to forget about it but the pain is such that it's always there, irritating and nagging me.

I feel at a loss for where to turn. The doc doesn't seem to have any ideas nor really understand the issue. It's starting to make me feel run down and depressed :(
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Old 04-02-12, 10:31
lelespears lelespears is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
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Re: Burning / Sore Tongue

Low B12 causes painful burning tongue.

Lele x
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Old 04-02-12, 12:08
diane07's Avatar
diane07 diane07 is offline
UK administrator
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Re: Burning / Sore Tongue

I had this for a few years, its called burning mouth syndrome, mention it to your dentist.


check out this link

hope it helps

di xx
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Old 04-02-12, 17:00
oellph oellph is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 8
Re: Burning / Sore Tongue

Thank you both. I've got a dentist appointment on Tuesday.

My doc can't get past the diagnosis of reflux based on previous history. I'll check out some B12 supplements and food.
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Old 04-02-12, 18:23
Anxious_gal Anxious_gal is offline
Senior Member
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Re: Burning / Sore Tongue

I would get an alergy test done if it was affecting my life that much.
You never know
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Old 04-02-12, 23:16
Munchlet Munchlet is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2012
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Re: Burning / Sore Tongue


I just wanted to add that I had this many years ago and it went on for months and months, I was convinced I had something terminal, but my doctor said I just had a sensitive geographical tongue (think that's what he called it) and then I started worrying about something else and it just dissappeared!

Also my sister in laws mum had this for the best part of a year, she saw specialists about it ( she's a heavy smoker and was convinced it was some kind of cancer) and it was nothing, in the end they put it down to stress.

Unfortunately when your tongue is sore/sensitive almost everything you eat/drink aggravates it.

I think is' actually quite a common complaint, try not to worry!
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Old 05-02-12, 08:54
oellph oellph is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 8
Re: Burning / Sore Tongue

Its a relief to hear of other peoples stories with the same thing, thank you.

I did the preliminary York Test for IGG antibodies, which came back positive. But the next set of tests are expensive and I'd subsequently read that it has no scientific basis.

I forgot - I had a full blood count down around July/August time which was normal. I'm not sure if that also includes vitamin deficiencies.
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Old 05-02-12, 10:53
Munchlet Munchlet is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 388
Re: Burning / Sore Tongue

Hi from what I understand a full blood count picks up a lot of deficiencies, particularly iron, and I think the B12 as well.

My mum had a sore tongue due to iron deficiency and they detected that through a blood test so I think if bloods were normal you can stop worrying.

It's probably just a combination of stress and certain foods irritating it, these things unfortunately do take a while to settle once they are aggravated.

take care
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Old 05-02-12, 18:18
oellph oellph is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 8
Re: Burning / Sore Tongue

Did people fine the back of their mouth (behind uvula as it starts going down towards your throat) also got sore?
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burning, sore, tongue

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