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Old 19-06-06, 09:19
Silly Blonde Silly Blonde is offline
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Coming off Mirtazapine

My psychatrist suggested that I wean myself off the above gradually as they don't seem to be helping much anymore (been on them since Feb 05). He said to "see how I go" without any meds, but has written to my GP and prescribed a different med (something beginning with L) just in case I need something else.

I got married 3 weeks ago and felt pretty good throughout - but now I'm back at work I feel crap - stomach ache, lower back ache etc.

My "plan" is to still come off the mirtazapine - I reduced to 30mg last Thurs night, and I was planning to stay like that for a week and then reduce to 15mg, then after that week reduce to 15mg every other day for a week and then nothing.

My first question is, do you think I should stick with the withdrawal even though I'm feeling poo, and secondly, is my plan gradual enough????

Many thanks

Mrs SB xxx
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Old 19-06-06, 15:59
tattybear tattybear is offline
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i started a thread on this last week as im now coming off these too.

Ive been on 45mg since about dec 2004 which is 3 tabs a night. Im now taken 2 for about a month to asses how i really feel and if there are any changes etc.

My doc said all going to plan, im looking at about 3 - 4 months before im off them - as long as i'm feel ok etc.

The first day after only taking 2 tabs i felt like crap - when i was really depressed i had burning sensation in my arms, and that was back, but havnt noticed it so much the last few days, and i seem to be doing ok. I think a lot of it is that i was thinking about it too much.

You have to follow your docs advice about how to come off them, and i belive it needs to be gradual.

Let me know how you do

Tatty B xx
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Old 19-06-06, 17:11
Silly Blonde Silly Blonde is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: , , United Kingdom.
Posts: 158
Blimey - maybe I misheard my psych when he said "week", maybe he meant "month"!!!!

I think (given that I have been feeling bad after the wedding anyway) that I'll stick to 30mg for the next month, then drop to 15 and then try 15 every other day.

I haven't had any of the flu-like symptoms since I dropped down to 30mg last week, so hopefully I'm on the right track! I'm off for acupuncture now to see if she can help my stomach and ache!!! All caused by tension no doubt!!!! Ohhh the joys of anxiety!!! I just wish valium wasn't so addictive - we'd all be cured in a jiffy!!!

Take care

SB xx
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