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Old 01-05-12, 02:27
Nixykitsch Nixykitsch is offline
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Post Hi, my teenage son has severe OCD - HELP!


My son has recently been diagnosed with severe OCD, awaiting treatment, it is so tough on my boy, it is hard on me too.

I will post a thread to find other OCD friends in our area (North Devon).

Many thanks
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Old 01-05-12, 02:28
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Hi Nixykitsch

We just wanted to welcome you aboard to NMP. We hope you enjoy your stay here and get all the support and advice you need.

Please take some time to read the website articles on the left as well for loads of advice and tips.
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Old 01-05-12, 07:38
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Pipkin Pipkin is offline
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Re: Hi, my teenage son has severe OCD - HELP!

Hi there and !

I think it's great that you've come on here to get some support - you're definitely in the right place.

I don't suffer from OCD myself but there are lots of people on here who do and will be more than happy to help you. A diagnosis of mental illness is far from the end and many people have fought it and won, living happy and fulfilled lives. Getting help at an early age, like your son has, helps a lot and I've no doubt that your support will be invaluable to helping him get better.

It's often overlooked what a strain it can be on the friends and family of sufferers, so make sure you get the support you need too.

I wish you all the luck

Take care

Pip xxx

Not drowning, but waving
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Old 01-05-12, 11:54
vicky23 vicky23 is offline
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Re: Hi, my teenage son has severe OCD - HELP!

hi Nixy, first off welcome
Secondly how old is your son? There's a link here under the OCD sub category for a website that is more specific help for OCD. If I were more technically minded I would post the link but I can't I'm sorry!
I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 15 and my heart goes out to you both I know the agony of it. I'm now 25 and it's pretty much under control, this is thanks to medication and my Christian faith. Knowing that this voice in my head wasn't God was a major breakthrough for me. Obviously this is a very personal thing and not everyone can relate but when I tell people I'm pretty much fully recovered from OCD they want to know how and this is the answer. I still suffer from general anxiety and panic now and that's a whole other heartache but being able to say to the urge to perform compulsions 'no' was a big step in overcoming the trap of rituals.
Other people can experience relief from CBT, hopefully your son will have access to the help he needs.
At the time because my mind was in so much termoil and tormented by that horrible need to perform endless rituals like touching things over and over I got extremely frustrated. I would get into a rage where I'd just thow things or scream then end up sobbing. I couldn't see my parents pain at the time cos I was so wrapped up in my own but to think of them having to watch me in that state and be helpless must have been agonising.
The therapist will tell you not to get involved in his rituals so for e.g if he asks you to do things that are not reasonable like wash a dish when it is obviously clean this is keeping his OCD going. Yes in the short term it will reduce his anxiety but not long term. Obviously being the cause of your sons anxiety ( because you dont wash the dish again) is very hard you naturally want to help all you can so here are some things you CAN do:
- Maybe think about getting a boxing bag if this is possible where he can take his frustration out on that. OCD is beyond frustrating.
-He'll be mentally and physically exhausted so let him rest as much as he wants when reasonable
- Get in touch with his school or college and explain the situation, my school was great in that they allowed me to come in late cos mornings were hard getting ready. Also I got some slack when it came to homework and exams.
-When possible cook wholesome meals, the last thing he'll care about is taking the effort to feed himself
-Do things to treat him whatever this is. Those little tiny moments of joy are important breaks.
- if he has siblings, make sure they're informed a lot! I think it was hard for my bro to see me in pain but he was also a source of great comfort and helped me laugh in the pain.
that's all I can think of for now, I wish you the very best, it's a long hard journey but there is a light at the end and you can still have moments of light in the darkness
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