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Old 03-05-12, 20:25
Mark_P Mark_P is offline
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My ears feel blocked, and I feel a little bit dizzy. I'm a bit worried, any advice?

So basically, since I came back from my holiday in March, I've been suffering from different ailments. Well anyway, I've had this congestion in my nose and ears for about 6 weeks now, mainly since I've been back from holiday. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago about it, so he prescribed me a nose spray to help relieve it. It has helped a bit, but I still have this blocked ears and slight off balance feeling in my head, kind of like dizziness, but not as bad if that makes sense lol. I am a little concerned, but I'm not getting bad headaches with it, it's just the off balance feeling and the clogged ears. Also, I've had floating bits in my eyes for months now, and I'm not sure why. Could the floating bits be anything to do with the ears, sinus area? Like all intertwined?

Any advice?
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Old 03-05-12, 22:55
rockydog rockydog is offline
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Re: My ears feel blocked, and I feel a little bit dizzy. I'm a bit worried, any advic

Hi there I have the floating bits in the eyes and have had it investigated. They said it was harmless but when your eyes become light sensitive due to every nerve being over sensitive when anxious you notice the floaters more. If you have congestion and cold like symptoms that would make your eyes maybe more watery and you might notice disturbances more.
I really notice them any where there are light colours or bright light, the white tiled bathroom is a nightmare as i can also see like clear squiggly things that apparently are white blood cells that you only see when light sensitive.
I would definitely get your sinus' checked again as any congestion could affect your balance and cause dizzyness x
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Old 04-05-12, 06:20
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Em84 Em84 is offline
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Re: My ears feel blocked, and I feel a little bit dizzy. I'm a bit worried, any advic

Hi Mark

Ive had EXCACTLY this same problem.

Started in december with mild post nasal drip, then i had a chronic cough, throat infection, chest infection which turned into a 3 month nigtmnare with a sinus issue...i had they typical thick yellow and clear stuff which i was constantly blowing out of my nose and coughing up. I had headaches tingling and constantly felt off balance and dizzy.

My ears were blocked at one point for around 4 weeks and i couldnt hear anything....i went to the doctors on the 3rd week and said i had had enough. I had already been on 3 doses of antibiotics during the above.

He thought it may be an allergy problem which was causing the sinus issues. He gave me Beconase nasal spray...but i switched to oral antihistamines becuase of nose blockage.

Anyhow, about 2 weeks ago out of nowhere the nasal problem suddenly cleared....its not 100% but no where near as bad. My ears have cleared.

Since then i have had major facial tingling where sunglasses would sit, also i have moments where sitting down my body feels like its moving or like ive stepped off a fairground ride, same when walking. I went back to the doctors Tuesday and he said that the tingling is prob a sign of it getting better...The dizziness maybe a temporary type of labrythitis which can follow a virus etc etc. He told me to live it out.......

Also i get those silver sprinkles...Thought it maybe my blood pressure....???

If the spray doesnt work maybe try the pill version...the dizziness is getting a little better...i think my heads trying to adjust to the sudden change of pressure etc etc....

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