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Old 08-07-06, 15:02
lewis_k lewis_k is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
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calf muscle lump

hi, just posted my intro last night.
for about a week or so I have been paranoid about a "lump" on my right calf muscle. The paranoia went away a little with the realization that I had a similar thing on my left calf muscle, in the same place, only smaller. Today I was checking it out and though I doubt my right lump has grown I was still nervous about the difference in size from the other leg.
The only way the thing appears is when I press my heel against my butt, otherwise it is not noticable. It appears on the right side of the right leg, a bit more than 1/3rd the way up from the bottom of my foot to my knee. I am right legged and this would explain why the muscle is more pronounced in one leg than the other but it would make me feel a lot better if everyone else has the same thing, and I can't just ask my neighbor to put the heels of his feet to his butt!
Even if you all don't have this I know it is probably not cancer. But "probably" was never a word that my paranoia accepted.
I know it sounds rediculous,
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Old 08-07-06, 17:11
carlin carlin is offline
Senior Member
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Hi there, of course it doesn't sound ridiculous, it's called health anxiety! and how awful is it. I can almost guarantee you that it is not cancer mate. We are all full of lumps and bumps and as you say it is on both legs, and more enlarged on the right one, which shows it is cos you use it more! If you are close to your neighbour go and ask, anything for peace of mind i am sure that he won't mind!! sorry no real advice, and if you are really worried a visit to your gp would help put your mind at rest. take care and keep in touch.
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Old 09-07-06, 02:09
lewis_k lewis_k is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: , , France.
Posts: 36
thank you for the reply. you're right, i have health anxiety. for the ALMOST guarantee that it's not cancer, which bothered me at first, i now understand that nobody here can guarantee that anyone else here is physically healthy. however, health anxiety is based on an irrational part of one's psychology and its relation to any (usually unlikely) serious physical illness would be nothing more than a coincidence or a physical manifestation of that anxiety.
nonetheless i think i will talk to a doctor sometime this week, about whatever 'symptoms' i may be alarmed about that day, but mostly about the anxiety itself.
during a long nocturnal walk, talking and thinking, i found myself walking and talking in the same place time-warped from two months ago. i told him, 'what you are so worried about is a dermatofibroma, benign tumor sometimes caused by mosquito bites, it's nothing.' he said 'alright, but what are you worried about?' i said, 'i'm not sure if it's supposed to be there, but a lump in my calf--'... a fly flew into my mouth.
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Old 10-07-06, 13:55
lewis_k lewis_k is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: , , France.
Posts: 36
well hi lewis and whoever may be reading this,
i have begun an anxiety journal (thanks to the suggestions from many here) and that seemed to help relieve some of the anxiety.
my mother told me that she has many bumps in her legs and arms and her doctor told her not to worry about it unless something hurts. that was a helpful message although i know from many google searches that things don't need to hurt in order to pose a threat, and besides, my imagination and transient leg/arm aches (from anxiety) do a good job of making me wonder if the thing hurts even though i know it really doesn't.
i am now most concerned with the anxiety itself. i've had muscle aches, twitching (probably because so much of my attention has gone to my muscles these days, and because i walk a lot), problems falling asleep, some appetite loss, and other characteristic signs of anxiety, and since it's health anxiety i am nervous that it is related to a physical illness.
i can trace my anxiety to a psychological base when i think about it; nonetheless, i made a doctor appointment for tomorrow, and i'm not even sure exactly what it's for!
i will definitely ask him about the leg, talk about the anxiety, and i may ask for as many medical tests as possible, seeing as it seems most of you at least have medical test results to fall back on when you're not sure of something.
it seems like an act of dependence/weakness to do such a thing seeing as most people in my physical situation would not see necessary to have medical tests done; but the difference between me and them is that in recent months i have discredited that part of me, that internal lawyer, that tries to convince me (with logic of course) that things are not serious and there's nothing to be worried about.
and i am so nervous about tests, even though i know they don't do harm and only reveal what's already there or not there, and i have no physical reason to think these tests would give me any bad results. but i've always hated medical tests, even before my anxiety phase.
too many words as usual, lewis.
hope everyone who reads this is having a good day,
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Old 10-07-06, 18:25
whatisitnow whatisitnow is offline
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Join Date: May 2006
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Totally agree with you Lewis. Im the same, cant stand tests & i dont go to the doctors which i know is unusual for health anxiety sufferers but i used to live at the doctors almost, going back 10 yrs ago, and i have now gone to the opisite extreme. Im too scared to.
Caz xxxx

Pete to win Big Brother! He is Daddy Fantastic with pants made of elastic!
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Old 11-07-06, 21:38
lewis_k lewis_k is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: , , France.
Posts: 36
in case anyone is interested, the lump on my calf-muscle was a vein.[:O] as for the anxiety, the doctor told me it was not due to a physical illness but to what's called a 'fear of mortality', and i would tend to agree with him.
i am fine now, my muscle aches are still there but will probably go away. last night my urine was green (never payed attention to urine color till i got here) and i realized it was from drinking blue powerade.[:P]
don't know if my health-anxiety will start back up again in the coming hours/days/weeks, but in the future i will try to stay away from tests, doctors, even reassurance from other people, as this is really a nasty cycle.
hope everyone who reads this feels better soon and everyone who already feels better stays that way,
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Old 08-12-11, 06:17
billcrain billcrain is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 1
Re: calf muscle lump

I have been a long term sufferer of intense, spontaneous calf cramping and knotting-up that would wake me up at night and last for up to ten minutes before gradually subsiding. I would awake in pain (often severe)and my calf would feel like there was an egg-sized rock embedded in it. These episodes usually occurred once or twice a week, although there were weeks when they were more frequent and other weeks when they were absent. I had not gone a month without a serious episode for many years. Although the knot would always go away, when the knotting was particularly painful or prolonged, I always worried that "this time" it would not go away on its own. I developed a self test that involved gently tensing my calf muscle before getting out of bed to see if whatever was causing this problem was finally gone. Unfortunately, every time I performed this self-test, the knot started to form and I abruptly stopped the test. I am the president and CEO of Pondera Pharmaceuticals, a company that patents, manufactures and sells dietary supplements. Our first product, EndorphinateŽ, is intended to help relieve physical and emotional distress. I have now been using EndorphinateŽ for over 3 months and have had no calf knot and no positive self-evaluation. We are offering Endorphinate free of charge to anyone who suffers from night-time calf knots to try. Just Google "nighttime calf knot", go to our web site and and fill out our Leg Knot Survey to get the coupon code for your free sample of EndorphinateŽ.

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