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Old 14-05-12, 18:18
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Coming off Propranolol 80mg

I've been on Propranolol 80mg for over 3 years now, and have wanted to cut down or wean off them completely.

The only reason I haven't been able to do it yet is that I don't trust that my anxiety (which was extremely severe) will come racing back once i'm off. It is a concern for me, and honestly I do everything I can to make sure I don't have another one by doing things I love, reading, drinking decaf only, control how much chocolate/sugar I eat, and talking to friends when I feel one about to come on. I do still get times when I think "oh no, it's back" as my mind races, heart races, sweaty palms etc.

There are also days when I feel so happy, but then when it gets to evening or next day I feel so much anxiety in my chest and I don't understand how that can happen when I had a good day.

I was wondering if anyone here has come off Propranolol and what were your side effects if there were any? x
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Old 14-05-12, 18:32
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Re: Coming off Propranolol 80mg

Hi there,

I was on a different beta blocker but I guess it's pretty much the same. I had a return of the symptoms for 2 or 3 days and then they calmed down again. I highly recommend tapering off them, especially as you've been taking them for quite a while. Take it slowly and you should be fine. Make sure you run this past your GP first though.

Remember that beta blockers only deal with the physical symptoms - you're dealing with the anxiety yourself and you can carry on doing that without meds.

Take care

Pip x
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Old 14-05-12, 23:51
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Re: Coming off Propranolol 80mg


Thank you for your reply.
I will ask the doctor if he doesn't recommend lowering the dosage. I have asked before some time ago and he said if I want to I can reduce to 40 x 2 a day to see how I go.

Your last line made me smile. I have worked really hard to deal with it and hope it continues to work xxx
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Old 21-05-12, 15:10
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Re: Coming off Propranolol 80mg

I've been on the prop LA 80mg for 10+ years. No negatives, but don't stop cold turkey. If I go a couple days without it, I start to feel it. Very shaky and nervous withdrawal. Like drinking WAY to much caffeine.

I know you're supposed to cut down gradually if you want to stop, but sometimes it just slips my mind.
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80mg, coming, propranolol

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