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Old 13-07-06, 16:21
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I've been to my GP today and she has prescribed me Amitriptyline. She had previously given me Sertraline but I had a bad reaction to that so she is trying me on a very low dose (10mg 1 at night) of Amitriptyline.

She says it is anti anxiety and will also help me sleep better.

Has anyone tried this? Couldn't find any info on this website but I'd love to hear from others how it was for them.

Thanks, Caroline
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Old 13-07-06, 16:27
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scoobygirl2005 scoobygirl2005 is offline
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I went on sertraline a few months ago, not on it now because it didn't agree with me either! If you want some info about it go on www.google.co.uk and type in the medication you have been prescribed and it should give you some info about it. Hope this helps.

x x
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Old 13-07-06, 17:17
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Hi Scooby! I've been googling already - I can't find a lot of info associated with anxiety with this medication. However I have found out it is used for depression, bedwetting, migraine, chronic pain, eating disorders, panic attacks, insomnia .....

I know it is a tricyclic antidepressent, and I believe it is a much older drug than the SSRIs that are commonly used now.

There's loads of side effects but GP tells me on the dose I am taking I shouldn't get any - maybe a bit more sleepy and a dry mouth, but that's it.

I think she has chosen it to help with my sleep and because I reacted badly to Sertraline.

I am just a bit concerned that no one on here mentions it, as there are so many people here trying different things!
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Old 13-07-06, 17:54
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I personally have not tried amitriptlyne(can't spell it-sorry) but my mum has been on it for the past 2 years so i do know some things about it. My mum takes it cos she's got fibromyalgia(muscle disease) and it is supposed to help relax her muscles and to help her sleep better at night. You may have noted that i put 'supposed' to cos my mum thinks it is of little help to her but as i tell her if she wasn't on it she might feel even worse than she does now! Anyway her Doctor keeps trying to get her to change her medication to Prozac but cos of the stigma attached to it she won't change!

I don't know what you need the medication for but i'm sure if will help you in some way and if not you can always go back and ask to change medication.

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Old 13-07-06, 19:04
darkangel darkangel is offline
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i take amitryptyine as a muscle relaxant at night before bed - it is an anti dep but can be used for all sort of things


........life is for living not just for surviving
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Old 13-07-06, 19:56
Will Loynes Will Loynes is offline
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Amitryptaline (not sure of spelling) was the first ever anti dep meds I ever tried. I have been told by a psychotherapist that this is not generally used now as it has been superceded by several other medicines. The downside i found were the side effects, distorted vision, dry and prickly tongue.
For panic and anxiety I am now on Lofepramine, but I have tried several different medications over the past few years.
It all depends on how you react personally to them.

Good luck with the meds

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Old 13-07-06, 22:22
peteb11 peteb11 is offline
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i took amitripyline for a while for my anxiety, it is an anti-depressant but its also used for relaxing and it acts as a slight sedative which will help with ur anxiety, Almost all drugs for anxiety are antidepressants , dont think its used as much as it used to be, i never experianced any bad side effects and if u do get any they should clear up in the first few weeks, but dont take my word on it coz im not a doctor.

take care

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Old 10-01-13, 07:18
Tootie Tootie is offline
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Re: Amitriptyline

Did you take the amitriptyline. How did you get on? My doctor has given me a prescription of 10mg amitriptyline because I didn't get on with citalopram sertraline or mitrazapine. Only thing is I'm already really tired and need to drive to get to work and I believe amitriptyline makes you grotty in the morning.
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Old 10-01-13, 08:12
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xdavex xdavex is offline
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Re: Amitriptyline

I was prescribed amitriptyline in 1997 for depression/anxiety, they made me extremely tired , carefree from whatever was going on around me, & they also made my skin feel slightly numb, so they acted mainly as a sedative for me.
Having suspected aspergers , I may sometimes 'appear' to be either abrupt with my posts OR the way I explain things may come across as confusing, so feel free to PM me asking me clarify any of my imput.
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Old 10-01-13, 09:05
Jamesk Jamesk is offline
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Re: Amitriptyline

I have been on a low dose at night for some time - they have certainly helped me with sleep to a degree.
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