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Old 08-08-06, 22:37
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Thudding heart!!

Every now and then (probably a couple of times a day), I am feeling ok and then I will suddenly feel like my heart is thudding really loud in my chest and beating in my throat and it will make me feel a bit light headed and almost makes me catch my breath. It only lasts a minute or so and then my heart will beat faster for a while afterwards. I 'm not sure if this is just because I am focussing on it then. Then it will be ok again.

I don't ever feel that I am particularly stressed or that I am reacting to anything specific when it happens. It just seems to come out of the blue. Does anyone else have this?

Jo Fitzgerald
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Old 09-08-06, 09:29
jackie jackie is offline
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jo your heart is thudding because although you are not overly anxious you have probably like many of us an underlying feeling of fear. because of this our heart reacts accasionally

many of us have the loudly beating heart at times and im sure if you look at the previous posts you will realise that you are not alone

i know how scary this can be but tke heart that others go through the same thing as you

take care

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Old 10-08-06, 22:55
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Hi Jo,

I get this too. It started recently, on holiday, when I was feeling far more relaxed than I have been lately. I usually get it in the evenings or just before I go to sleep. I know it must be another anxiety symptom and I'm not actually too worried about it because I have realised it only happens when I'm not doing anything else - I never get it when I'm busy!

I just don't understand why it has started now when I am much less anxious than I have been. It's like there's something in my body that wants to kick me down every time I feel I'm back on top of things - just to remind me that my anxiety is still there, if you know what I mean!

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Old 10-08-06, 23:00
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I get this a lot at night when in bed

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heart, thudding

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