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Old 19-10-12, 19:52
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Unhappy Painful Trapped wind - or not?


I was diagnosed with acid reflux and ibs about 2 years ago. I was taking Lansoprazole and Mebeverine at the time. As my anxiety calmed itself i decided i could manage without the Mebeverine. I was taken off the Lansoprazole after a year or so as it was lowering my platelet count.

I have been taking Ranitidine 150g twice a day for possibly 12 months, i found out i was pregnant in June and was taken off these and told to substitute it with gaviscon. I miscarried and have just started taking the Ranitidine again within the last 2 weeks, after approx a week of taking it again i have had alot of spasms in my abdomen area, lots of noise and more worryingly a sudden random stitch like pain in my left rib cage, it moves around, which makes me think (hope) its trapped wind. I cant take a full breath until it passes, then a few moments afterwards i belch a lot, which sometimes hurts.

Is this sudden sharp stitch like pain under my left ribs really possibly trapped wind? can it hurt that much??? wondering if its due to the ranitidine even though i took it for almost a year previously with no problems. I have also taken a buscopan for the abdominal spasms and hoped it would help with the random rib pain. I only took one tablet (even tho it says 2 four times a day) and i felt so paniky and thought my breathing seemed whispy for a short while. Frightened to take another now, could it have been the buscopan?

I need a sympathetic ear!!

Any help would be muchly appreciated right now.

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Old 19-10-12, 21:15
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Re: Painful Trapped wind - or not?

I suffer from trapped wind & have stitch like pain under my ribs I suffer from IBS & acid reflux too. My GP said the pain under my rib which is very sharp sometimes is trapped wind or IBS related. Hope you feel better soon hun it is horrible

I also know people who have been to A&E with bad pain & it turned out to be trapped wind as it can be so painful xxx
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Old 19-10-12, 21:23
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Re: Painful Trapped wind - or not?

Not sure about the medication. I have acid reflux and take omeprazole every day, but if I have pain everywhere under my ribs and in my stomach, I put a hot water bottle on my tummy, it relaxes the muscles and also helps to release the trapped wind. I am using one at the moment and the pain has nearly gone.
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Old 20-10-12, 06:32
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Re: Painful Trapped wind - or not?

I get the sharp stich under my ribs, and like you I can't take a full breath until it is gone. I just stop whatever it is I'm doing and try to ease it by massaging the area and then burping if I need to.
I breathe as big a breath as I can without it hurting, and this all combined seems to get it rid of it reasonably well.

A friend once went to hospital with this, called an ambulance as he thought something was wrong with his lungs. He had gas and air, the works and then in the end sent him off to the local shop to get some Gaviscon! Because of that, I never worry and relaxing helps to get rid of it!
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Old 20-10-12, 10:06
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Re: Painful Trapped wind - or not?

Hi I to suffer with reflux an ibs I feel like something stuck under my left ribs sometimes an get like a spasm under their aswell which goes if I stretch had it for over a year an I'm still here to tell the tale . I find a hot water bottle helps an peppermint tea
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Old 02-11-12, 23:32
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Re: Painful Trapped wind - or not?

I had a bad time yesterday with trapped wind / indigestion etc I seriously thought I was having a heart attack but today it's just like that tight squeezing stitch type feeling but now it's just like I constantly need to burp or trump but it won't come out lol ;(
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Old 27-11-12, 00:54
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Re: Painful Trapped wind - or not?

I`ve been told the pain I experience under my right rib cage is IBS. I do not believe it is.
I had gallstones, and they had to remove my gallbladder but I still have the pain attacks :(
What I do to get rid of the pain is, the moment I feel a pain attack starting, I quickly eat a slice
of brown bread and drink 1 glass of water. This usually will resolve the pain in less than 2minutes.
Sometimes I have to eat 2 slices of bread for it to work.
I believe the reason this works is because there are stones in my liver that are slowly moving out. And the bread
causes my bile to flow more and thereby helps with moving the stones out. Eating greasy fatty food always causes more
pain attacks than I usually get throughout the day,(I believe the stones are formed from cholesterol deposits in the liver) so I have stopped eating all fatty foods. Its helped alot but hasnt
completely stopped the pain attacks.
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Old 29-11-12, 23:32
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Re: Painful Trapped wind - or not?

Am still suffering now with what I think is trapped wind but I don't know an its making me so so anxious but today if I eat I feel like it's just sitting below my ribs in class center and feeling I need to burp but don't come out for a while / bubbles/popping like mad pressure feeling in bum nausea on off the when wind moves I don't really wanna eat as its just making me feel worse dunno if am constipated or something what?
One step at a time !!
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Old 02-12-12, 00:17
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Re: Painful Trapped wind - or not?

^ I have the exact same symptoms as you honeyp1e, I'm still confused to what it is. I'm hoping it's not IBS as I'm only 18. But it does run in my family unfortunately as my Father has it... I'm not sure whether I have trapped wind or not either, as the pain doesn't seem to ease even after passing gas. Mhmm, I noticed it isn't as bad when I'm relaxed and not anxious though.
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painful, trapped, wind

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