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Medication Please post any experiences, questions or advice on medication here.
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Old 30-11-12, 13:07
emmax emmax is offline
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citalopram with metronidazole


I take citalopram for anxietya nd have just been to the dentist for an infected gum behind my wisdom tooth. They have given me metronidazole tabs to take and I read somewhere that these can cause problems with citalopram. Does anybody know anythign about this?

I had written on my new patient form that I take citalopram but I'm wondering whether they read it!


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Old 30-11-12, 13:35
chris39 chris39 is offline
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Re: citalopram with metronidazole

Hi. I have taken the two together before and didn't get any problems.

I took my citalopram throughout my treatment for abscesses under bottom two wisdom teeth. I even had both wisdom teeth taken out in local hospital under general anaesthetic and continued taking citalopram throughout.

For your own peace of mind you might want to confirm it with dentist surgery.

It is important not to drink alcohol with that though.
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Old 30-11-12, 13:37
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mimijames mimijames is offline
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Re: citalopram with metronidazole

Hi Emma,

Im not sure on this one, but the best thing to do would be to ring your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist, they are more than happy to help and are one of the best people to ask if your not sure.

I always ask mine if Im unsure of mixing meds.

Hope that helps a little
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Old 30-11-12, 15:41
emmax emmax is offline
New member
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 52
Re: citalopram with metronidazole

Thanks guys.

I went to the pharmacist who had a look in her little book and said it would be OK.

Had a couple of glasses of wine at lunchtiem though so thinking I should wait until tomorrow to start...
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Old 30-11-12, 15:48
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Re: citalopram with metronidazole

I would leave it 2 days alcohol free before starting and after finishing the antibiotics

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citalopram, metronidazole

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