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Old 06-02-13, 01:37
GlobusGirl32 GlobusGirl32 is offline
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Unhappy constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

Ive been in and out of the ER for the past 3 months for this god awful feeling of a constant lump in the throat sensation that never goes away, when my doctor told me it was anxiety i was baffled cuz most of the time it happens when im not even anxious. GERD was ruled out, i had an endoscopy and everything i just wondered if there were other people out there like me who live with the lump in the throat sensation on a daily basis. Literall feels like my throat is gonna close up sometimes. It creeps me out so bad im constantly in the mirror looking down my throat, even scared to eat certain foods for fear of a deathly allergic reaction. It sounds ridiculous i know :(
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Old 02-03-13, 04:52
jessicalittler79's Avatar
jessicalittler79 jessicalittler79 is offline
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

I can relate to u yes ! I go threw weeks of this it comes out of no were ..I also keep looking in mirror to see if my throat is swollen its awfull and I understand feel free to pm me if u need to talk
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Old 02-03-13, 05:27
annette1 annette1 is offline
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

I have had some bouts of this, esp after my dad died, it is called Globus. I found talking therapy good, it
helped me to explore my feelings and talk about dad without getting so emotional. After 2 sessions the feeling disappeared.

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I have had some bouts of this its called Globus. I had some councelling with my gp, learnt to understand why it was happening & after a few sessions the 'lump' disappeared.(my dad had died & I was bottling up my feelings)
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Old 02-03-13, 08:12
sparkle_1979 sparkle_1979 is offline
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

Yes I suffer with this
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Old 17-03-13, 08:58
Lilharry Lilharry is offline
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

Yep, I've had this on and off all of this year. For me it feels kind of achey and like I'm about to cry all the time. When I focus on it, it makes me panic and I feel sick. I talked to my counsellor about it and she said that I need to stop focusing on it and concentrate on something positive. She did some CBT with me and now when I start to focus on it I'm supposed to say to myself "Stop! This isn't helpful and makes me feel worse when I think about it. It's nothing serious and will go away the less I think about it. I am doing all the right things to get healthy and I will start to feel better soon." I have found this really helps and I only get the sensation occasionally now. I would really recommend seeing a counsellor if you can.
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Old 23-03-13, 18:09
kimberlyrector's Avatar
kimberlyrector kimberlyrector is offline
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

Yes I have had this feeling for about a year now. It feels as if I have a hard time swallowing when I eat, like there is something hanging in my throat. However, I feel it also when I havent eaten anything which has resulted in me losing 35 unneeded and unwanted pounds in the last 16 months. I have been to the doctor repeatedly and have been told it was due to my anxiety. I am very thin now weighing 109 pounds and I NEED to gain weight! I am in the process of waiting on blood results just as a precaution. I had them done close to a year ago and they were fine though. My urine showed I wasnt taking in enough food and drink and this is because that feeling freaks me out so i avoid eating. My doc says they may even run a scope just to ease my worries, but that only makes it worse lol. And my xrays came back just fine. I would say that without a doubt it is just your anxiety as I have read many things on this very subject. My best advice is try not to worry when you feel it. It will only make it feel worse. Amd trust me, I understand thats easier said than done. I hope this eases your mind some. Take care.
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."
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Old 07-05-13, 21:53
limonp83 limonp83 is offline
Join Date: May 2013
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

I've been feeling the same way and I am almost convinced that it is not anxiety because I was put on meds and did not feel anxious anymore but continued to feel the "lump in throat" sensation. This has been going on for about half a year. Then 2 months ago I felt an actual bulge under my chin. I was told that maybe it was just a swollen lymph node. Since then it has grown a little in size and I think that the feeling in my throat has something to do with this. I don't have any other symptoms. I read somewhere that anxiety can cause problems like swellin g lymph nodes or other glads. I don't know if it's true. What if I made my self sick by obessing over this lump in my throat? I had blood work done which came out ok. The doctor suggested a CT scan or sono. I am getting a CT scan very soon. How long have u been feeling this "lump in throat"?
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Old 04-11-13, 22:02
LJFaith77 LJFaith77 is offline
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

Yes I have this, I went through a lot of medical issues that weren't as bad as they turned out but I had very high anxiety through it all and have had many anxiety related issues for 7 months now. I had almost every test from head to toe and nothing comes back abnormal except anxiety and I believe it is over thinking I had something serious wrong. It started with fluid in my ears and a ringing in my left ear back in April which caused anxiety and loss of sleep. Since thinking I had serious illness that was proved otherwise through an MRI, I started getting a host of really weird things happen, including uncontrolled heart rate which caused more anxiety and then lump in throat feeling which makes me feel like I cannot breathe that started middle of August. I have to make myself believe it is in fact anxiety because every test I have after spending 6k, is normal. I have to believe and trust Jesus He will heal me, pray pray pray and trust!! God bless!
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Old 12-11-13, 14:38
emlica emlica is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2013
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

I've been having this recently - more of a 'tight' feeling than a lump, but definitely a feeling of something being there. Someone on the forum suggested it might be reflux, but I'm not sure - it doesn't seem like it to me. It came on for me just before I got a cold, and has lingered afterwards. Doctor said it might be caused by a sinus problem, meaning excess mucus irritating the throat. I did also have headaches and popping ears as well, so a sinus problem seemed likely. I've been doing nasal rinses and stuff for my sinuses, and they seem to be getting better, but my throat still tightens up. It's much worse when I'm sitting at my desk or on the bus, and genuinely not noticeable when I'm walking around, talking to someone, eating or drinking. So I'm thinking it might have been the sinus problems that started it and now it's just the anxiety about it that's making my throat muscles contract or something - and walking, talking, eating, drinking all make the muscles relax, so it feels better, whereas when I just sit still I tense up and the tightness starts to come back.
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Old 12-11-13, 16:16
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debs71 debs71 is offline
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Re: constant feeling of lump in my throat, creeping me out

I get this every now and again, and it is awful every time...very scary.

I had it very badly late Saturday night, and it had slowly progressed and built up during the day - a feeling like my throat was closing, like my airway was going to block off and something was stuck. I really got into a panic in the early hours of Sunday morning, all alone in my room, everyone else asleep!

I decided to do a Youtube search about globus to see if there was any relief technique that might pop up to help calm it down, and I found an excellent video by none other than Charles Linden (he of the 'Linden Method')

I'm not a fan of his to be honest (I don't like the expense of his 'method'/profiteering off others anxiety and misery) but this video for a relief technique for globus was amazing.

He explained how globus is nothing more than a trick of anxiety - the muscles in our neck/throat tighten and tense due to anxiety, giving us that sensation that everything is closing off.

I was sceptical when I saw it as I couldn't believe some stretching/massage techniques could work, but to my amazement, they really did.

I am not sure if I am allowed to post a link or not (I hope so, apologies if not) but here it is:


It may not offer long term relief, but I found it good for a quick, instant interim relief. x
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constant, creeping, feeling, lump, throat

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