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Old 18-04-13, 23:47
intomyarms intomyarms is offline
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Symptom after symptom ... Acid reflux, lymph nodes, eczema

Hey all xx

For about 8 months I've had a chronic cough which the doctors diagnosed as acid reflux and prescribed me with anti acid medication, I also went to an ENT and they came to the same conclusion, the cough has got a bit better but it's still vaguely there and I can feel congestion on my chest and in my throat at times. I'm still not convinced acid reflux is the cause as I don't even eat or drink anything acidic and I still get the cough, the cough can be really sporadic too and it's not just after eating.

Anyway, alongside the chronic cough I also found a large lump in my neck a few months back, the lump is hard and unmovable, I went to get an ultrasound of the lump and they said it was just a lymph node and it may always be there, the only problem is that over the past few days I've found a couple more lumps in my neck and I've also come out in a big eczema/allergy type rash all over my face, chest and right hand!

It just seems to be one thing after another and I can't help but feel all of these things must be connected in some way and the maybe I have lymphoma, cancer or something :(

If anyone has any ideas or help please let me know, I'd appreciate it xxx
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Old 19-04-13, 01:06
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CarrieOn CarrieOn is offline
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Re: Symptom after symptom ... Acid reflux, lymph nodes, eczema

Hey intomyarms,

I don't see how your symptoms could be related. It's normal to try and find a link between everything, but it's not very logical that everything you are experiencing is because of one terrible illness ... especially when you have been checked out by a number of doctors and told that you are OK

What's more likely is that you have a few smaller, unrelated medical problems. If the cough got better with antiacid meds (which you said it did), then it was probably acid reflux! Otherwise, your cough would not have gotten better at all, right? :P

My BF gets acid reflux sometimes, and it's not always after acidy foods. Sometimes all it takes is a packet of TimTams (Australian chocolate biscuits)! lol Also, I don't mean to discount your symptoms, because I don't know exactly what they are like, but almost everyone I know gets a vague sporadic cough sometimes

As for the bumps, chances are that they are more swollen lymph nodes ... I can always finds bumps when I go looking for them. My BF tells me that rubbing them just makes them worse! I don't know if he's right or not lol, but the more I go looking for them the worse they seem.

Also, I know that anxiety can make eczema worse, so ... maybe if there's something that's linking all your symptoms together THAT's what it is. Considering all your other tests have come back fine, I would bet money on it, actually! lol

Try to relax and take a few deep breaths. I'm not a doctor, but I think you will be OK xx
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acid, eczema, lymph, nodes, reflux, symptom

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