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General Anxiety / Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) Please post any messages here about General Anxiety or Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
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Old 18-05-13, 19:49
saware saware is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
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snide comments from a 'friend'

over the last year or so, one of my good friends (I'll call her 'Tina') and I have been drifting apart. this didn't bother me too much because I felt we were growing apart and becoming very different people.
however, since November this drifting apart has developed into constant snide remarks from Tina - patronising, insulting, offensive, you name it. I tried to bring it up in December but she just exploded and wouldn't speak to me for 3 months. when we eventually patched things up everything was great again for about a month, but now she's gone back to the constant bitchy comments. literally everything I say she will pick at and make me feel stupid in some way.
I honestly have no idea why she's doing this. and clearly bringing it up will only make her angry again. I don't know what to do and every time I see she's texted me or written on my Facebook my heart just sinks because I know it'll be something that will upset me.
probably the answer would be to just ignore it and move on, but I keep clinging to hope that she'll stop one day. we used to be so close.
also if anyone could offer any explanation as to why someone who's supposed to care about you would suddenly become so hurtful... that would be interesting to hear.

it's things like this that keep setting me back :/
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Old 20-05-13, 18:06
aggiecuttler's Avatar
aggiecuttler aggiecuttler is offline
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Re: snide comments from a 'friend'

she really does not sound much of a friend, could she be jealous of you? a friend does not make you feel bad i would have a bit of seperation from her.
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Old 20-05-13, 18:51
kitkin30 kitkin30 is offline
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Re: snide comments from a 'friend'

Hiya .. do u feel anxiety wen you are around her?
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Old 20-05-13, 21:30
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Edie Edie is offline
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Re: snide comments from a 'friend'

I'm sorry. It's hurtful because you were once close, so you value her opinion. But she's changed and does not sound like much of a friend. This is what the block button is for. xxx
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Old 22-05-13, 18:53
saware saware is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
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Re: snide comments from a 'friend'

Originally Posted by kitkin30 View Post
Hiya .. do u feel anxiety wen you are around her?
definitely... I'm always on edge around her because she's constantly trying to put me down or make me feel stupid in front of people. but I don't understand why. she knows about my anxiety issues as well which makes it even worse :/
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