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Old 06-03-14, 04:04
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Scared about troponin result

I had a very scary day. My heart rate went to 180ish with jaw pain and it was at 130-150 for hours. Went to hospital and they did a cardiac enzymes test 6 hours after I'd had the 180 episode. My troponin level was 7 (normal was listed as 3-14; pretty sure this was troponin I). But I thought it was really supposed to be undetectable; pretty sure it has been every time before. So now I'm very scared, especially when they didn't do a repeat later
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Old 06-03-14, 08:08
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Re: Scared about troponin result

Ive also had episodes of really fast heart rate, episodes of Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT) when my heart suddenly and instantly goes up to 180 - 200+. My cousin gets them, so did Tony Blair!

If they happen really regularly, like every day, the docs can perform an ablation on the abnormal pathway in the heart, and deal with it. Its common, but not fatal or dangerous :-) (Im guessing this is what youve had??)

Ive had cardiac enzyme tests after runs of this and my Troponin levels were slightly raised, like yours, and the doctors said this was down to my racing heart, and not to worry! Ive gone on Bisoprolol now, and the SVTs have stopped.

Relax, your heart has just had the equivalent of a monster gym session, its what its built for. Your troponin levels will go back down to normal, no harm done!
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Old 07-03-14, 18:38
Freaked Freaked is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 411
Re: Scared about troponin result

Thanks for your reply! Reading it reassured me a lot. I ended up in hospital again yesterday (sigh) and they retested my troponins and they were okay. So they figure it was just from the tachycardia and profuse sweating (I have an autonomic nervous system condition that causes something like panic).
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