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Old 14-12-06, 10:49
juicyluce juicyluce is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
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Beta Blockers

Can propranolol make you cough- as soon as i take one i have a tickle in my throat and the need to have a good cough!?

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Old 14-12-06, 11:28
ceecee's Avatar
ceecee ceecee is offline
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hi juicy i have just started beta blockers today so not really sure.have you read the side effects?(or are you anything like me and not read them!)would love to know how you are getting on with them as i really am hoping these will help me
sorry i can,t give you any advice
take care
rach x
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Old 14-12-06, 17:12
tommythomson's Avatar
tommythomson tommythomson is offline
New member
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Hi juicy

Before I started taking beta-blockers my throat was always dry and I coughed quite alot. It might just be a symptom of anxiety as mine is. If you are in any doubt see your doc or call NHS 24.

My tablets are 40mg. The data sheet says it can cause wheezing amongst other things.

How many do you take?

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Old 14-12-06, 17:16
sandie sandie is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
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Hello juicy

I have been taken propanalol for 2 months. It has been very effective at stopping my palpitations which were severe and constant. I take 3 x 40 mg per day, but I'm currently weaning myself off of them because I'm hoping I've now discovered other coping mechanisms to deal with my PAs. (I'm also weaning myself off of sleeping tabs). I'm trying to cope with just Rescue Remedy, water, breathing,exercise, distraction, stretching, etc, etc.

Propanalol is not recommended for use in Asthmatics because it does have an impact on the airways - it could be causing a tickle in your throat. Also, please be very careful with some of the over the counter sleep and stress relief aids. Tescos and Sainsburys own brand state quite clearly they should not be taken when Propanlol is being used. Similarly, Nightol herbal contains the same natural ingredients (valerian, hops etc), but there is not the same warning as Tescos/Sainsburys. Having said that, I reacted badly to the Nightol containing antihistamine, and I suspect it was the interaction with the Propanalol.

Good luck - hope it works for you.

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Old 18-12-06, 16:43
rosalind rosalind is offline
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Just wondered what happened when you took Nytol?
I have taken it for a year and feel horrible!
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Old 16-04-07, 19:59
lisa smith lisa smith is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: , , United Kingdom.
Posts: 36
Smile Re: Beta Blockers

hi guys. i have just been prescribed proprapanlol today, so i hope this deals with the anxiety and panic....lisa
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Old 17-04-07, 08:28
nell1965's Avatar
nell1965 nell1965 is offline
Junior Member
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Re: Beta Blockers

yes propanolol can make you have a bit of a tickle and a sore throat but it usually just lasts a couple of weeks till your body gets used to it, if youget a sore throat which persists after this though then mention it to your doc, i think it might tell you that on the label/
this is the only med i take now and i just take it the week before my period every month, up to 3 a day as they reckon that my anxiety is hormonal ( and i would have to agree). It does help me,and i stop it usually the first or second day of my period. It also dries my mouth up a little.

The most important skill in staying calm
is not to lose sleep over small issues.
The second most important skill is to be
able to view all issues as small issues.
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Old 17-04-07, 17:20
Ellen70's Avatar
Ellen70 Ellen70 is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2006
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Re: Beta Blockers

Hi folks, I take atenolol for high blood pressure, I take 50mg per day. Has anyone been on this and is it much the same as propanolol? Does he help with panic attacks?

'Come away o human child to the waters and the wild.' - Yeats
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Old 17-04-07, 18:05
lisa smith lisa smith is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: , , United Kingdom.
Posts: 36
Re: Beta Blockers

my second day on propanolol, my eyes feel a bit dry, and i feel a bit sickly, can anyone tell me if this only lasts a couple of days,til they get in my system...regards
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Old 19-04-07, 01:21
Brandy snap Brandy snap is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Re: Beta Blockers

Hi, A member of my Meditation Group takes blood pressure pills and was coughing so much one time that he had to go out of the room. His cough only started when he began taking the pills. I think he is going to ask about changing them. Brandy Snap
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beta, blockers

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