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Old 28-10-10, 12:44
NatalieB NatalieB is offline
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Taking antibiotics with Citalopram ? ? ? ?

I have been to my doctor this morning as I have an infection in my waters. I was prescribed an antibiotic called Trimethoprim (200mg) which I am supposed to take twice a day. I am a little reluctant however, as I have been taking Citalopram (10mg) for about three weeks now. It is really starting to help reduce my anxiety and I am worried that the antibiotics could affect this. Has anybody had experience of taking these two together ? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Old 28-10-10, 14:47
suzy-sue suzy-sue is offline
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Re: Taking antibiotics with Citalopram ? ? ? ?

It is safe to take alongside Citalopram .But take it at a different time .Im allergic to Trimethorprim .But your Dr wouldnt perscribe anything that was going to cause problems .All antibiotics can sometimes give you an upset stomach .Probiotic yoghurts will help with that .Hope you feel better soon .Sue x
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Old 29-10-10, 23:07
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Beeble Beeble is offline
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Re: Taking antibiotics with Citalopram ? ? ? ?

Ohhhh I just posted about taking antibiotics with citalopram on another thread. The week I was started on cit I had an infection and had to take both at the same time and I was quite sick........but it was my first week of bing on cit.
Then about month later I was on another lot of antibiotics as my infection had come back and that time I wasn't sick.
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