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Old 31-05-07, 21:31
KOKO23CAT KOKO23CAT is offline
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my arms and legs feel like lead!

my arms and legs have felt like lead for the last few days. i am scared this is because i have a serious illness, like ms or me or parkinsons or . . . . . i also feel really 'wonky' like i am walking tilted on one side. i am trying not to let this worry me as i know these are all symptoms of anxiety and i constantly remind myself that the anxiety came first not the other way round. does anyone else feel stiff all the time? my hands are the worst and they twitch and shake which makes me freak out more. my arms and legs are tingling like mad. i am furious with myself for getting in such a state!
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Old 31-05-07, 23:29
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Piglet Piglet is offline
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Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

I get all of these symptoms too mate.

I can totally relate to the walking feeling tilted to one side - I did that symptom for about 7 weeks a couple of summers ago.

The stiffness one again very common and helped enormously by doing some gentle stretching, yoga style.

Yesterday after I had finished lots of clipping in the garden my hands were really shakey - I think I am going to work on building up strength in my forearms and wrists as it deffo felt muscular yesterday - I can sometimes get it with low blood sugar but a quick banana sorts it out!!

Love Piglet
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Old 25-04-08, 20:34
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scooby28 scooby28 is offline
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Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

I've symptoms similar to this, if you haven't already get a doc to do some blood tests to rule things out. I have low B12 which was causing this but i do also have anxiety symptoms to, but the tingling and my hands, legs arms, face was the worst really.
I had absolutely no energy for about 6 weeks and my legs just felt like lead weights most days too.
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Old 25-04-08, 21:20
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beth beth is offline
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Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

Welcome to anxiety i found i had that for weeks but went to see a holistic therapist who recommended having a bath with lavender oil in it to relax me even after the first time i felt better and do it now every time i feel like that..some thing to do with nerves and mustles in your body tensing up with anxiety..

maybe give it a try but my advice is check with the docs first as some people are sensitive to aromatherapi oils..

I was at the stage in my life where i would try anything once even if it didn't work

Hope you feel better soon

Beth xx
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Old 26-04-08, 23:43
twinkletoes_141 twinkletoes_141 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
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Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

What you described is pretty much exactly what I have been experiencing this past 5/6 weeks down to a tee! I have been getting numb/tingly arms/legs and feet/hands, also painful and weak. My hands often seize up, and feel stiff, with pains going down to my fingertips (does anyone else get this?) what I would imagine as an arthritis kind of sensation. Sometimes my arms also feel so painfully tight and weak, but my hands and my weak legs are the most noticeable.
I too have been worrying about ms etc, and am seeing a doctor next week because I can't hold out any longer without going, but I was trying not to bother!
Keep reading over these symptoms as symptoms of anxiety not anything else, and like the others said- hot baths, exercise and rest should help (thats what I'm trying to do anyway!).

Hope it improves!
Amy xx
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Old 07-05-10, 18:40
jaynee jaynee is offline
Join Date: May 2010
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Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

Hi all, I'm a new member hence have a lot to say but I will make it quick!! I've got so many physical symptoms, too long to list, including the arms and legs heaviness, like they aren't mine, headaches, tingling, panic attacks etc. In desperation I tried chinese acupuncture and chinese massage, and was told I need 18 sessions at 900 pounds!! I've had 3 sessions and seen no difference but they did tell me I needed 4 months worth. I really cant afford this, especially as there is no guarantee it will help me. Has anyone else tried this? before I go even mad with financial worries as well as every other worry in the world LOL
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Old 07-05-10, 19:10
cath d cath d is offline
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 2
Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

Hi, I am also new. Hav similar symptoms, arms and legs heavy and achy, feel permanently exhausted. Hav started doing some yoga at home to try and relax me and to help with my breathing as I get palpitations quite often
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Old 10-02-11, 15:33
maggieg maggieg is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
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Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

Hi I'm new to this forum but having read your post have you been tested for mvp mitral valve prolapse sounds like all the symptoms. including anxiety and panic attacks and all the things you have mentioned. \not easily diagnosed but maybe convince your Dr. to do a heart ultrasound.
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Old 10-02-11, 16:14
lal lal is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
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Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

Hi guys, i get this wierd/tingling/numbness in my left arm mostly and i'm having problems putting it to anxiety because its worse first thing in a morning an sort of dies down through the day and comes back sometimes when i'm resting. But i have it every morning i wake up for an hour or 2. Any body else experience it like this? Its freakin me out really cause every1 says they do get it but its throughout the day and not only in a morning or when they are relaxing. My arms are not weak or anything they just feel that way.
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Old 10-02-11, 16:26
suzy-sue suzy-sue is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
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Re: my arms and legs feel like lead!

Upper discs in the spine can also be a cause of numbness and tingling in the arms and hands .May be you sleep in a funny position and have caused the disc to press on a nerve .Try sleeping on your side with a small pillow in between your knees and see if helps .Anxiety is always worse in the mornings so it could be that .Either way its not serious if it isnt all the time .When you say it happens when you are relaxing ,could you be sitting in a bad position ? If its a disc problem you may need to adjust your posture to stop this from occuring ...t/c Sue

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arms, feel, lead, legs

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