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General Anxiety / Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) Please post any messages here about General Anxiety or Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
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Old 15-07-07, 16:02
nikki39 nikki39 is offline
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Pain across top of back and chest

I am on my 3rd week of 20mg of citaprolam and started feeling better in myself but the last couple of days I have had an aching gnawing pain in my upper back which sometimes goes through to my chest, I do suffer from gastric reflux so I am not sure if it is related, also if i push in the middle of my breastbone i think its the sternum it feels really tender and then i get pain in my chest area. Does anyone know what this could be as I am now getting anxious again and do not want to pay another visit to the docs, he already thinks i,m a hypochondriac.
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Old 15-07-07, 19:11
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Re: Pain across top of back and chest

sounds like you pulled a muscle nikki i know we all get worried with these symptons but when you pull a muscle in one area it can cause pain all around the area so try not too worry or do you have a cold any symptons of a cold ? im sure it will pass soon take care wish ya the best...linda x
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Old 16-07-07, 05:07
mkeeley mkeeley is offline
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Re: Pain across top of back and chest

I agree sounds like a pulled muscle but could be acid reflux that can also cause chest and back pains. I get muscle pulls for no apparent reason, especially between my ribs, I can tell it's muscular as it's painful if I press on the area, tend to last a few days.

Go see your doctor to be sure, it's better than worrying about it. If it's reflux he'll be able to prescribe you something, but if it's Gaviscon then tell him that's not strong enough and won't really help unless your reflux is occasional and mild. If it's fairly bad then a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) is much better. One tablet normally lasts 24 hours.
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Old 16-07-07, 10:45
jue67 jue67 is offline
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Re: Pain across top of back and chest

Hi Nikki

i have acid reflux/gastritis and i get pain in the same places, right in my back and through to the chest, sometimes i take extra meds eg gaviscon on top of my morning meds of lansaprozole 15mg which i get from my GP.
sometimes i also get the same pain when im stressed and holding myself tense through worry/anxiety.

hope your ok
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